Keyboard Shortcut - Switch Filter/Timeline

There is a shortcut key to switch from Filter to Timeline ? Similar to the keyboard shortcut Esc - Switch Source/Program.
I didn’t find it on the “Keyboard Shortcut Reference” page.

I can so directly control the Timeline with the keyboard (for example using the right and left keys) and I don’t have to switch the Filter to the Timeline with the mouse.


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This is the shortcut PDF
Shotcut - Keyboard Shortcut Reference.pdf (86 KB)
or click this link

Thanks. I know and commonly use the PDF document, but I didn’t find the keyboard shortcut for “Switch Filter/Timeline” in it. That was my question.

Try Shift+Esc
This does not specifically switch focus from Filters to Timeline. It tries to clear focus from whatever currently has it. After that most shortcuts act globally (no focus required).

Shif + Esc (Grab focus) That’s what I was looking for. Oh my English :slight_smile:

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