Ken Burns-type slideshow - just a few minutes long but stylish and modern - is this the right tool?

Hi everyone,

Important family member passed away and it’s my job to do a dedication with a few dozen (maybe several dozen) mostly photos but also audio snippets/very short video clips…

I know this is a decades-old cottage industry, the consumer picture slideshow market, and I know the players, both bigger software houses, and smaller international software publishers with small niche products that do the job for consumer photo slideshows.

So do I hunt around and compare, or is shotcut eminently capable of producing this somewhat-easily?

I will try to “autofit” the photos to a 2-or-3-or-4 song background length (9 minutes?) and then go back and adjust pans and zooms. But I want to add cinematic swooshes, do some rudimentary sound design by adding just a few audio tracks/media to give a professional feel. Same with text, text “quotes”/sayings/memories that slide or fade in and out, so on

Does shotcut autopan/zoom to faces? (I assume no, I can do it manually) Can shotcut autofit slideshow length to the audio? (shorten/lengthen individual slides duration to match audio length exactly)

Can I make simple fade-in or slide-in text overlayes easily?

Thank you for any guidance/pointers to tutorials I may have missed (hopefully recent not ancient)

@James_Woo has made a tutorial about that

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Does shotcut autopan/zoom to faces?

It does slow zoom/pan but generically and not focusing on faces. You can modify the result using Filters and Keyframes.

autofit slideshow length to the audio?


simple fade-in or slide-in text overlayes easily?

Yes, add a video track and add text using Open Other > Text. From there you can easily add fade in or motion animations using filters.

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thanks for these responses, gentlemen. one followup i hadnt thought of.

regarding transitions - an alternate way of adding one is to use a short glitch or light leak .mp4, and position it straddling two videos or jpgs which are on the track below the mp4, then applying a screen filter and maybe some fades to the trans clip. But how can i replicate that action on, say, 100 vid clips, or 20 photos? if it possible to import that short mp3 light leak into the standard area where stock shotcut transitions are applied from-- say when using the slideshow wizard-- and then multi-apply it that way? or some other mass-paste way? thank you

this may interest you

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