Jumping in Editing between 3 second videos clips?

Hi all,

I am trying to edit a video which involves playing 10x 3 second 4K clips with transition between each and a separate audio track.
It is stalling and pausing on playback in Editing and Player?
Also the audio is playing scratchy with the stalling during only this section?

I’m running an I9 with 64GB ram and 2280 video card.

Is there a way to remove this stalling or will it go away in Exporting file?

Anyone help out please…still doing it today?

When adding video to Edit it asks Good/better/best…what do you select?
I use Raw footage and click Cancel is this the cause of the problem?

It is asking you if you want to convert to Edit-Friendly. The description says the file is variable frame rate. Not reliable for editing.

Look at the properties of one of your clips. It may show something like this.
Variable frame rate.

After conversion:

As to which one you need, it would be an experiment that you would need to determine the quality of each one that would suit your needs.

When you convert a file it doesn’t change or delete your original footage, rather it makes a new file for you to use.

Then you would need to ensure your Video Mode matches the same FPS as your video clips.

Typically you would set the Video Mode you want as step 1, then add source files. If your Video Mode is left in Automatic, the FPS is set to the first clip you used in the project, even though you may convert them later.

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