Josephville Hillclimb 2023 Trailer

UPDATE: New Video:

I thought I would try and make a promotional trailer with the limited footage I took from last year (1080p @ 30fps, so slow motion is out and major zooming is limited to using some form of blur):

Any and all criticism/feedback welcome, don’t hold back. If there are any obvious errors or recommended changes, please let me know your thoughts (since last year the chroma key on the green screen arrow transition had some ugly remnants that I only noticed when starting this project). I have very bad eyesight and fine details sometimes escape my attention, so I will rely on the regulars here to steer me straight.

There were several challenges along the way, but overall I’m happy with the result! Lots and lots of keyframes!!! I will give more detail on the trials and tribulations tomorrow, however right now it is time for bed.



A mon avis, il y a un peu trop d’effets “Flash” pour la durée, cela finit par piqquer un peu les yeux.

In my opinion, there are a few too many “Flash” effects for the duration, it ends up stinging the eyes a little.

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I love this!! For me the flash effects were not overdone, particularly because it was a short trailer. (If it had been a longer video then yes, the flash effects might have got annoying, but for me they were perfect). I appreciate the works which went into this. The “Shotcut” animation at the end was great! Well done @PoisonedSlice !

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That was fun to watch. Thanks for sharing!

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Updated video:

Thanks to all who commented. I appreciate and respect the differing opinions offered by @Namna and @jonray.

Yes, it is a trailer and my intention was for it to be rather rapid, memorable, and “in your face” without being too obnoxious and 1 minute was the target duration.

I went and watched a few more car shows and racing events, and they REALLY REALLY love the white flash transition, to the point that it is often way overdone. Actually, the shockwave transition found here was something I thought about using (just once) since it is a nice smooth “flash” but in the end I even decided against that!

So I made a few minor changes:
– tweaked the timing on some of the audio and fixed one audible cut
– removed the closeup on the red Jag wheel at 11s.
– removed the J zoom at 20s and went for a regular fade in to the red jag (no more white flash)
– changed how car 55 sped up through the finish line so it wasn’t actually zooming into the screen and that meant I could remove the last white flash!

All in all, I am happy with the outcome and it is about as good as it gets given the original footage and my limited movie making abilities. Next time I will record in 4k and 60fps making slowmo and closeups much easier and better quality!

Vidéo mise à jour :

Merci à tous ceux qui ont fait des commentaires. J’apprécie et respecte les opinions divergentes de @Namna et @jonray.

Oui, il s’agit d’une bande-annonce et mon intention était qu’elle soit plutôt rapide, mémorable et “dans votre visage” sans être trop odieuse, et 1 minute était la durée visée.

Donc regardé quelques autres émissions automobiles et courses, et ils aiment VRAIMENT VRAIMENT la transition de l’éclair blanc, au point qu’elle est souvent exagérée. En fait, la [transition shockwave trouvée ici] (Filter Set | Shockwave transition) était quelque chose que j’ai pensé à utiliser (juste une fois) car c’est un “flash” doux et agréable, mais j’ai finalement décidé de ne pas le faire !

J’ai donc apporté quelques modifications mineures :
– j’ai ajusté le timing de certains sons et j’ai corrigé une coupure audible
– suppression du gros plan sur la roue rouge de la Jag à 11s.
– suppression du zoom sur la Jag rouge à 11s. – suppression du zoom sur la Jag rouge à 20s. – suppression du zoom sur la Jag rouge à 20s. – remplacement du flash blanc par un fondu enchaîné régulier sur la Jag rouge.
– modification de l’accélération de la voiture 55 sur la ligne d’arrivée afin qu’elle ne soit pas en train de zoomer dans l’écran, ce qui m’a permis de supprimer le dernier flash blanc !

Dans l’ensemble, je suis satisfait du résultat et c’est à peu près ce qu’il y a de mieux compte tenu de la séquence originale et de mes capacités limitées de réalisation de films. La prochaine fois, j’enregistrerai en 4k et 60fps, ce qui rendra les ralentis et les gros plans beaucoup plus faciles et de meilleure qualité !

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Made entirely in Shotcut with the exception of the animated border. That’s from my Glaxnimate experiments when trying to draw lines earlier on, and I thought that effect looked good so I saved it!

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Thanks for sharing! Great job! The video grabbed my attention till the last frame! I loved the transitions and the speed jumps! Well done!

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More to come soon.


I look forward to the full report :+1:

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