Filter Set | Shockwave transition

This filter set was originally created on a project set to 1920x1080. It should also work on projects of other dimensions, as long as they have a 16:9 aspect ratio. I made sets for some of the most common frame rates. If you use other frame rates, just ask me, I’ll add it to the list.

24 fps: (690 Bytes)
25 fps: (689 Bytes)
29.97 fps: (698 Bytes)
30 fps: (690 Bytes)
50 fps: (689 Bytes)
60 (691 Bytes)

How to install a filter set:

  • Download the ZIP file and un-zip it.
  • In Shotcut, go to Settings > App Data Directory > Show
  • If you don’t see a filter-sets folder, create one (use that exact name).
  • Open the filter-sets folder.
  • Move the un-zipped file in that folder.
  • Close and re-launch Shotcut. Your new filter set should be visible in Filter > Sets

How to use:

  • Create a 2-second transition between 2 clips
  • Select the transition.
  • Go to the Properties panel.
  • Choose the Diagonal Top Left option, and change the Softness to 100%
  • Go to Filters > Sets
  • Select the Shockwave set.

Excellent. Thank you. The filter-sets folder will soon be cluttered :upside_down_face:
Excellent. Merci. Le dossier filter-sets sera très vite encombré

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To manage Sets, I’ve added the App Data Directory > filter-sets folder to Windows Explorer’s Quick Access.
And in filter-sets I’ve created a sub-folder called Sets Archive. I move the sets I’m not using in a given project to this folder. Only the sets that remain in filter-sets appear in Shotcut.

Pour gérer les Sets, j’ai ajouté le dossier App Data Directory > filter-sets à l’Accès Rapide de Windows Explorer.
Et dans filter-sets j’ai créé un sous-dossier nommé Sets Archive. J’y déplace les sets que je n’utilise pas dans un projet.donné. Seuls les sets qui restent dans filter-sets apparaissent dans Shotcut.

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@MusicalBox I noticed your subfolder in the filter sets. I tried 2 subfolders: ‘Transitions’ and ‘Text’, but I didn’t find it very practical. I didn’t think of adding the folder to Windows Quick Access or, why not, a shortcut on the desktop.
Very clever! Thank you very much.

@MusicalBox J’avais remarqué votre sous dossier dans le filter sets. J’ai essayé 2 sous dossiers: ‘Transitions’ et ‘Text’, mais je ne trouvais pas cela très pratique. Je n’ai pas pensé à ajouté le dossier dans l’accès rapide de Windows ou, pourquoi pas, un raccourci sur le bureau.
Très malin ! Merci à vous

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This looks very creative and bold! I liked it very much!

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Thank you @dimadjdocent

Look great, thanks for sharing, for educational use, it would be nice with a simple description of how it is made, to give people idea to improvement or modify the transition.
something like this.
The transition contains 3 filters.

  • Color Corection keyframed to increase the midtones and highlights to brighten the image and go back to neutral again.
  • A blur filter there is keyframed to blur the image and go back to no blur.
  • A distort filter the there is keyframed to distort the image and go back to no distortion.
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You’re right @TimLau. After doing more tests, I realized that the filter set worked on projects of other dimensions than 1920x1080 (preferably with an aspect ratio of 16:9), as long as the frame rate is 30 fps.
But not everyone uses 30 fps, so if they want to use this set, they will need to edit the filters keyframes. Adding more information, as you suggest, should be helpful to them.

Thanks for the comment!

This is GREAT!! Are there any bounds to your creativity, @musicalbox? Can’t wait to try it. BTW should there be audio on your video? It’s coming out silent…

Hi @jonray
Sorry, I didn’t include sound effects in my video.
By the way, wait before you download it (or try it). I’ve edited the set to make the Distort effect smoother at the end. I felt it ended a tiny bit abruptly in my original set.

I also made sets that will work on different frame rates.

I hope not :rofl:

Thanks for the nice comment!

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I hope not too. Waiting for more … no pressure then :wink:

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Another superb filter set from you - many thanks indeed

Thanks for the nice comments @robridge.
Glad you like the transition.