I've stressed tested Shotcut and found

So I used a movie file (VLC) and captured a collection of my favourite scenes (none exceeding 10sec). I compiled the scenes into Shotcut (no additional editing or filters). I have 30-40 scenes in total and the program crashes like crazy.

I’ve tried alternating between GPU Effects (on/off), exporting and then combining into smaller chunks, but most importantly… I’ve been exporting at 1920x1080 resolution despite a 720x404 input

I’ve also upped the aspect ratio to 16:9 (YouTube standard) and increased the quality from 60% to 90%


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You need to be a lot more specific for your post to be of any use. You should read this.

Also, the lead developer of Shotcut says that the new Shotcut version will be released at any time now. So maybe you’ll want to wait for that one and redo your situation to see if it repeats since a lot of bugs have been fixed for this new release.

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For the same project, it’s not advised at all to switch from GPU on then Off…

You will have to restart from scratch IMO…

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