I've Compiled a Gallery of Shotcut Cinematic Transition Examples - Ongoing Updates

I will continually add to this library as I discover new transitions. Each transition is about 10 secs long. At the very end is Shotcut’s out-of-the-box transitions. Enjoy!

Zoom Transition
Door Open Mask Transition
Bouncing Transition
Whip Pan
Spin Blur
Box-blur transition
Distort Zoom
Speed Ramp
Zoom Into Photo/Screen
Logo Cutout - ala @jonray
Bokeh Transition
Glitch Transition
Blur Transition
Default Shotcut Transitions


Much appreciated on this links to SC … how to build standard SC transition.
After almost 6 months, I finally realise how easy to use standard SC transition … silly me :frowning:

Will use this more going forward. Thanks for this refresher


Glad to have helped!

Besides all of the custom transitions available as video files through the Resources page, there is another kind of transition sometimes called a “stinger” transition, which requires a video file with alpha channel (or chroma key). Here is one example:

This is basically just a stock, simple graphical video that you place on a video track above two neighboring clips. Consider adding that and a tutorial.

I’ll add that to the list

Thanks for sharing - some great transitions!

Normally i don’t do much with transitions and i think you should use them sparely or at least consistently. As a newbee you tend to overdue things with filters and lots of exotic transitions ending up with the viewer paying more attention to the effects than to the content of the film. Normally you shouldn’t even notice the transition - its just an element to combine 2 clips smothly. When the effect itself gets the focus - there is normally something wrong.

But anyway, coming from Magix video de luxe there were a few transistions that i liked esp. for slide shows that i couldn’t find here:

  1. A door that opens to the back in 3d, so in a perspective way. door can open to the right, to the left or in the middle. You can probably quite easily achieve that with keyframing positions in a trapezioid form but maybe there is something similar already?

  2. For a slideshow there was a kind of 3d cube and you pin your images on the faces of the cube and then rotate the cube to the left/right/up or down to show the next image on the next face of the cube. I liked this a lot and you probably can achieve it in a similar way like the first one.

Btw: the “Kdenlive Git” link for transitions on the resources page doesn’t seem to work.

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Here is a quick example what i mean done in SC. Filters “position and size” or “transform” dont work here but “Corner pin” does - cause you can adjust each corners position seperately.
The door opening in the middle position gives me a headache cause you have to split the video in the middle first and treat each halfes on their own. No idea how to achieve this just with the filter set in SC.
Any ideas?

Test video 3d door effect

how do you embed the video directly like you did above?

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@RilosVideos you presented a nice challenge.
The “doorway transition” is doable using 3 filters. Corner Pin, Crop Source, and Size and Position.



Thanks sauron!

I had nearly the same idea but it doesn’t completely work for me - i am stuck with the masking of the top track. The idea is as following:

  1. Split the 1. clip where you want the transition to begin.
  2. Move the cutted end of that clip (lets call it T1) one track up, ripple activated so the next clip follows directly
  3. Doublicate T1 to another track above
  4. So you end up with T1 on track 1 and on track 2 at same position, on track 3 the footage
  5. On track 2 you do the left part of the transition (door opening to the left) with filters crop rectangular and corner pin for the animation
  6. On track 1 same as on track 2 but for the right side of the door movement
  7. My problem: how do i make the black part of track 1 transparent so that track 2 looks through here?

Have tried all possible alpha filters using black as alpha channel - not working. Using mask i cant select the black area of the track. I could generate a short clip just for the mask, but that seems tedious and unnecessary, cause the masked area is already there and black on track1.

I hope you understand what i mean. I lack experience in masking in SC. It seems to work here somewhat unusual for me.
Any hints, please… :slight_smile:

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I used 3 tracks.

The tracks labelled left and right are the same video. The 3 filters are applied to the 2 upper tracks to make the doorway effect.

Doorway.zip (1.3 MB)

Take a look at the project. It’s pretty easy to do with the right filters. :smiley:



Incredible door opening transition with standard filters !! Will use in my video for sure.
Say is there a way to copy filters from one MLT to another ?
On the stinger @Leader … guess will try to figure how to put this in SC. The video talk about OBS … which I don’t use.

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Great idea @bentacular !

Maybe you’d like this one too:
Bouncing transition. Simple, but useful in some occasions.

MTL file : transition_bounce.mlt (6.5 KB)


Thanks sauron, thats exactly what i wanted! :slight_smile:
My idea is exactly the same, just tried other filters. Crop source seems to generate a mask, crop rectangle doesn’t - seems a bit irritating for me or i still get something wrong.
I need more practice with these filter settings, not all are intuitively usable for me.

I tried using Crop rectangle. Could not get it to work.


ok … try out all 3 type of transitions.
SC standard, SC customize with B/W image and “Stinger” !!!
I like the last one more as it is easy to add to my existing video without a need to adjust video clip overlapping. However the “door open” and this “bouncing” transition is hard not to consider in my video …

A video clip (lazy but fast way of a tutorial) in my case to remind me the “how”


I’ll add it to the list

Great ideas, thanks for sharing.

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Just added this to the gallery

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Just added the Door Open Mask Transition


Just added the Distort Zoom Transition