It Only Gets Better: 67 push-ups in one set

It Only Gets Better: 67 push-ups in one set (251 in four), with personal remarks on my journey from fat to fit as a senior.

[I used the HTML/CSS counter discussed currently over in a thread I started last week in the Help/How-To cagegory, and I used the speaking-face overlay technique I learned about last month from one of MusicalBox’s tutorials.]

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I’m trying to get back in shape too myself. I’ve started taking daily walks less than two months ago and I’ve already lost about two inches around the waist. Old pants don’t fit so tight anymore. This is encouraging.

And videos like this one are inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

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Cool to hear, and great work putting this together!

The only feedback I would provide is to move the counter either up or to the left the height/width of the numbers- your youtube channel icon is covering it up otherwise.

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I have the opposite problem. We are going on a cruise next week and the waists of my formal trousers all seem to have shrunk since last I wore them, even though I walk 6kms round a very hilly golf course 2 or 3 times a week. Having seen the video @spamless made, perhaps I need to follow suit.


Thanks, Gord. Yup, I saw that, and I’ll move the counter next time to avoid the channel icon. Much obliged.

Thanks, also for your help on the how-to thread. I’ll use the tips to make the counter less smudgy-looking next time, too.

When you’re young, you can usually carry a bit of extra weight without health problems. But as you age, it becomes a serious detriment and a mortality risk for most people. Great that you’ve started to work on that already now. I can’t tell you how much better I feel; two years ago I was a likely next victim for the Coronavirus. In any case, I had a fresh heart stent (not my first) and was scheduled for another one within weeks. I was in the ER in the spring of that year as well. Now I’ve ghosted my cardiologist (with his blessings) and dumped pretty much all my meds, and aches and pains are essentially gone.

I have other videos there that go further into the story, as does the blog page linked from the ‘About’ page, should anyone be interested in seeing further info about my adventure to new health.

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Would be awesome if you are able to grab the issue by the horns now while you’re still not at personal risk! Be well, my friend.

Thanks you. I’ve already watched a couple of your videos. I’ll check your blog too :slight_smile:

Another tip maybe.
I noticed that the font you use for the counter is not monospaced. This causes a slight shifting of the characters from left to right as the counter progresses.


It’s not a big thing, but in my opinion it would look slightly better with a monospaced font.


I still like the one on the right (much) better. I like the fat-font look, and the motion doesn’t bother me or make me think the video author made a poor choice. For the record, I’ve spent hours a day most every day over thirty years texting in Usenet newsgroups with monospaced fonts on Unix systems, so I know this drill. :slight_smile:

Next one’s super-short, only 40 seconds long, and vertical from my phone.

In some viewing formats on YouTube, the counter got hidden again. Oh, well.

Ultra-Short: Corner Presses Ultra-Short: Corner Presses - YouTube #FitForLife

I worked on some new-to-me effects once more with this one; enjoying using @elusien’s click counter and @MusicalBox’s face-in-video look.

Thrice 72 (push-up reps, that is)

What an effort this week, bursting past old records and getting fitter 'n ever. Have a watch! Two-minute video. (Your YT ‘like’ is always appreciated.)

I finally did a new senior-fitness video. Perhaps these will be boring to you, I don’t know. But I make these to motivate folks and record my progress. It’s been close to three years since I started; two years since I succeeded in shedding 50 pounds of fat… Hey, I also use these to get ever better at video-editing with Shotcut! I now finally learned to use keyframes. :wink: By the way, I found this seven-minute tutorial on that quite helpful: SHOTCUT Tutorial: How To Rotate Video, Flip Video and Add Keyframes in Shotcut Free Video Editor - YouTube

I’ve got a keyframes experiment at the start and another one 36 seconds from the end, at about 6:24.

Anyway, I’m nearing that vaunted goal of 100 push-ups in a set! Maybe I’ll hit that by my 67th birthday in 3 weeks. Meanwhile, here’s a video narrative of my journey from fat to fit.

Pushing Vindication: 90 Push-Up Reps! Pushing Vindication: 90 Push-Up Reps! - YouTube


Nice work @spamless. The circular picture-in-picture looks great.

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A-a-and, another of these, short and different, of chin-ups. I’m getting way into keyframes now! Love them. I was scared of them for the last nine months, but I finally overcame the fear and got to know them.

I had some bugs bite while I made this, by the way. One is, when you turn on keyframes for the Size, Position & Rotate filter, the current settings zero-out. I’m using the current version under Windows 11.

Up and Over! Another 2022 chin-up record for almost-67-year-old me: 23 at once; 90 in four sets. Let me motivate you!

Up and Over! Another 2022 chin-up record - YouTube via @MeFitYouFit on YouTube


This is already reported and fixed for the next version:

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Appreciate that, Brian.

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