Size, Position, Rotate bug reset all variables to '0' with keyframe button - Shotcut v22.11.25

As the title states:

Size, Position, Rotate bug reset all variables to ‘0’ in Shotcut v22.11.25, when using “Use keyframes for this parameter” button.

• Place an image / video on the timeline
• Add Size/Pos/Rot filter to the item
• Set all variables
• Click “Use keyframes for this parameter” button
• All settings go to 0. (Pos x/y, Size x/y, Zoom %)

Anyone else?

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Same here. v22.11.25 (portable) Windows 10.


Also set parameters to zero when disabling the keyframes.

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Confirmed. This just doesn’t happen with images. It’s also the case for videos. I should also add that this doesn’t happen with the Rotation parameter. I was going to add a demo but MusicalBox already added one.

A shame a beta wasn’t put out before this November release to catch some bugs.

This bug occurs on all filters that supports keyframes over Position and Size including Text: Simple, Text: Rich, Blur: Pad, and Spot Remover. Fixed for the next version.


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