Is there any way to change the look of shotcut?

i can’t beleeve i havent asked this yet but is there any way to download and change the look of shotcut? im kinda getting bored of the looks by now.

You could change the theme from Dark to Light - menu item SettingsTheme

i know but it feels like shotcut need more themes than that. i mean i don’t like the light mode and the dark mode have i now gotten very tired of… so yeah is there any way to make my own theme or import some that allready exist?

Yes, it would be nice to create your own themes, but so far as I know there is no possibility to do this. Qt does enable you to style the widgets, but that probably require quite a lot of coding.

Do you know where the “Theme” forlder for shotcut is located?

Simple answer: No, not from a user perspective.

See this article on how to get started to where to change the lines of code.

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