How to edit a Theme?

I would like to tweak a theme for colors. Where would I find the files related to this? I did download the source code and unzipped it and there are a lot of subfolders. I am willing to learn how to compile/make the source if I can get a handle on where the relative theme folders or files are that define colors. Any help appreciated/

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Awesome thank you so much!
I used to program in C and C++ so the code makes sense to me and I see how I could change the colors. I just need to figure out github/git (something new to me) but I will study up on git and how to compile the code somehow if I want a custom theme for my PC (I would share the theme but I am not sure how but maybe if I get a nice theme variant someone here might approve it to see if it could become added to Shotcut)

I love shotcut, but one thing about flowblade i like is being able to chance the color of a track; that is what I would like to see with shotcut, even if I have to customize it myself for my pc usage

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