Is There A Way To Export Presets - Or Can I Access a Folder In Which They Are Saved?

I am wondering if there is a way to collect / export presets - i.e., to gather one’s presets for storage as back-ups (in several off-computer, off-site locations) so that, in the event of a computer crash and loss of data, I can simply retrieve and import those presets, rather than having to set them up all over again.

Is such a thing possible?

If so, is there a procedure for exporting the presets, or a directory/folder where they are saved, and from which I can copy them?

I have searched the forum, and the manual (and Google), and can find nothing about this.

Thanks for any help.

Many thanks, Hudson555x.

Obviously, I missed this stuff, so thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

I was thinking of custom presets, of course, but the word eluded me, so thanks, too, for mentioning it.

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If you are making Filter sets, these are here:

There is a repository of filter sets here too

Thanks very much, PaulusMaximus.

Thanks, Hudson555x.

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