Is there a way to change timeline

In the new update of shotcut they removed the bars (in red)
and when you zoom in the date times (in yellow) will get further apart and still remain 2.25 (2:15) secondes away (i’m in the update before that when where you zoomed in more (red) bars would appear)
and why are the time stamps (yellow) in 60 milliseconds to the second, 100 would be more useful
is there a way to change it to 100 milliseconds to a second and bring the (red) a bars back when you zoom in in the 18.08.14 update .

What you have circled in Yellow is 2 seconds, 14 frames.


  • HH - Hours
  • MM - Minutes
  • SS - Seconds
  • FF - Frames (determined by your Video Mode)

Looks like you have a 60fps video selected, or close ot 60fps judging from 8:58 (8 seconds, 58 frames)

ok thanks
in 18.08.14 is there a way to bring the (red) bars back


This thread will tell you why it was done. Tick marks missing in timeline 17.12.03