Tick marks missing in timeline 17.12.03

Windows 10 64
SC 17.12.03

These intermediate tick marks in the timeline are missing in the latest release of Shotcut. The ticks were showing in V 17.11

Screenshot V 17.10

Sccreenshot V 17.12.03

Confirmed, here too.

This is by design now to improve timeline rendering performance.

The screenshot of v17.10 looks correct to me. It places the tick labels at regular, predictable values that allow quick visual navigation without extensive reading and brain-calculation of arbitrary-precision numbers (something computers love but the human brain is particularly bad at). The second screenshot looks like the unhelpful situation we have today.

Can you please elaborate on how this change is technically necessary? It prevents me from effectively finding any particular time with the timeline. (I could type it in, but only because the timeline has failed in doing its job.) I cannot imagine how Shotcut must be degraded so badly when no other application with comparable requirements has to.