Is there a way I can change the export default settings?

I know how to make custome settings but it is bothersome to keep selecting the custome settings everytime… IIRC, I did changed the setting (60fps → 120fps) at the start but I don’t know how to do it again;;;

Menu item: SettingsVideo ModeCustomAdd → then make the necessary changes and save this preset.

But I can’t set the bit rate setting(the codec setting)… Is it impossible? ㅠㅠ

It should be possible. I haven’t tried it myself, but see for the details:

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Apparently it seems not possible… I can’t see any support about it

See the image below for how to do it:

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This should be done from the Video Mode, not the export settings. Going 60 to 120 in export settings will just duplicate each frame, not render an in-between frame.

Thank you for the pic but I arleady mentioned I know how to make the custome setting.

That settings change to default everytime I leave the program. I make short clips a lot, so I do exit and reload a lot. That’s why I want my export bit rate setting lock. It is always set it to ‘codec: h264_amf, rate control: quality prior, quality: 55%’. But I want my bit rate quality to 75%… So I have to keep change my bitrate whenever I reload.

Sorry, I thought when you said

you meant that you didn’t know how to get that option when setting a custom export, which is why I highlighted it in the picture.

Ahhh its all right man. Thanks for the replies. Maybe I have to suggest this feature on the Suggestion thread.

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