Is there a better way to intuitively increase/decrease volume with the Gain/volume filter?

The Gain/Volume filter uses decibels which increases/decreases the volume exponentially. I suggested earlier to add an additional slider control that would use percent because percent seems to be more intuitive (For example if I want to decrease the volume to have its current level I can adjust the slider to 50%), but for now I’m still stuck with using the decibels I’ve been exporting the same video repeatedly because I can’t get the volume right when I play the video in Facebook. When I play the video preview in Shotcut the volume. On the PC it’s fine too. When I upload it to Facebook the audio blaring through my headphones. If I adjust the volume lower, it becomes too low on Facebook. So now I turn to the community for some help on a situation like this.

I don’t know about FB but YT recommends (last time I checked) around -12 LUFS. You can achieve that requirement with the normalize filter.

This may help - Help with LUFS for Background Music and Foley

Yea on youtube it’s fine, but facebook for some reason cranks up the volume to ungodly levels

If I’m not confusing anything, YouTube and Spotify have a certain limiter by default, which tries to equalize the sound volume to one line. I haven’t seen this in other social networks; for example, on Facebook and TikTok I often see either very quiet or incredibly loud videos.

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