Help with LUFS for Background Music and Foley

I want to add music to my video and want to restrict all the audio tracks to -19 LUFS level: -

  1. Which filter should I use?
  2. Should I use it on individual clips or the track(s)?

Thank you for your help :smiley:

There is multiple ways to do it

  • Limiter on Output track
  • Normalize (One Pass) on output track

I use gain/volume plugins on audio track to give me full control of the audio mix, and uses the Loudness scope to see the current loudness values

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@TimLau thank you for your prompt reply - I will use the filters as you recommend.

On a side note: - Is there a YT channel that has in-depth theoretical knowledge about background music for movie makers?

Do check out the video for which I needed help - its in the Made with Shotcut section.

Thank you once again.

Audio Mixing and Mastering is a rabbit hole, you can spend a lot of hours diving into that and you need a lot of practice to train you ears.

To keep it simple add separate tracks for music and sfx, but gain plugin on the tracks and just use your ears to find the level you think sounds good, forget about the LUFS level for different services like YT, it is max Loudness thresholds, if you not are making music videos, you don’t want your videos to have max loudness, you want your video to have the right loudness to fit your video.

So just use your ears, upload it to YT as unlisted and hear if it sound good compared to other videos, if you have to change the volume up or down, when watching the video, then the loudness is to low/high.

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