Is it possible to synchronize two identical videos, one cut into clips and the other intact, through the frame number? (SOLVED)

I understand that the title of the thread is a bit strange so I’ll try to explain myself better with a practical example.

I recently filmed a bike ride with the GoPro. (let’s call it original video: O-video).
On this, through the Telemetry Overlay program, I superimposed some data such as the position on the map, the distance travelled, etc. (let’s call it TO-video).

While editing with Shotcut I cut out the unnecessary parts, etc., but in the end I realized that I had used O-video and not TO-video.

I tried to replace O-video with TO-video trying to cut it into clips exactly the same as those I had already produced on O-video but it turned out to be a practically impossible operation.

The question is: is it possible to identify the beginning and the end of O-video clips by a frame number that allows me to identify the same segments in the entire TO-video video so as to cut out identical clips from the latter?

If it were possible, I could easily produce clips from TO-video that are the same as those already trimmed from O-video and replace them.

This would assume that the frame number of the uncut videos remained the same within the clips, or, in other words, that the number of each individual frame of the original video remained intact within the clips.

I don’t know if I managed to explain myself.
If what I hypothesized was true (which I doubt), how could the entire video be cut using as a reference not the timeline slider but the frame number, in order to obtain from TO-video clips identical to those already derived from O-video?

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You can read the .mlt XML, which records in time clock values, which is slightly different than what appears in the UI, which is a time code. Still, the UI does accept when you paste the time clock value into somewhere like the timecode display below the player. But the easiest thing for you to do is simply change the file names of the video files to make the project refer to the file you want.

If you do not want to change their names simply do something to break the project file’s video file name references. You can move either the project file or the O-video file from its original position. Then, when you open the project, Shotcut shows a Missing Files dialog. From there, you pick the replacement file.

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A thousand thanks.
I didn’t think it was that easy and thanks to this I understood a little more how the program works.

I opened the .mlt project file and with a search and replace I replaced the name of the file without telemetry (O-video) with the one with telemetry (TO-video).

However, when I opened the modified project, the clips in the timeline were still without telemetry. At that point I remembered that I was using proxy files and thought that they might be causing the problem. By deactivating the proxies with F4, everything went fine. I will mark the thread as resolved.

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