Is it possible to pre-make batch actions?

I am a real estate agent and want to do “Shorts” for IG, FB and Tiktok featuring real estate listings. These will always be about 18-20 images, always be about 2 seconds each, always want a simple fade transition and always employ a slight subtle zoom in effect. Is there a way to build and save a template or like a Photoshop Action where I can apply all these treatments to all the photos at once? If not all these treatments at once, can I do one at a time but in a batch. Like if I change the time of each photo to 2 seconds, I can then apply it to all shots at once without having to sit and do each manually. Just trying to have the fastest work flow possible. Thank you in advance.

To really speed things up, swap out the source images instead of making a new project for each house. Example:

  • Name a set of images 01.jpg through 20.jpg
  • Make a slideshow project using those images
  • Export as usual; house #1 is done
  • Shoot new pictures
  • Use a batch rename tool or Select-All then F2 (if using Windows) to rename the new images to 01.jpg through 20.jpg
  • Overwrite the old images using the new images (or swap if you want to keep the old)
  • Open and export the project as usual, with no modifications

This works because Shotcut doesn’t care what the content of an image file is. It only cares that an image called 01.jpg can be found.


  • All projects must use the same number of images, and those images should be the same resolution.

The Slideshow Generator is easy, so rebuilding a project every time may be fast enough if you don’t want to be put under these limitations. However, if you get super fancy with your transitions and have a watermark plus background music that would be a pain to rebuild every time, then the file-swap trick can save a lot of time.

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Wow. Excellent suggestions. Excuse my ignorance but is The Slideshow Generator a feature of Shotcut? Is it a separate software? It sounds promising since it has “Slideshow” in the title. One problem is all slideshow making software are now video film editors making it difficult to make a good old fashioned image based slideshow. Windows Movie Maker is awesome but I can’t do 9:16 and it’s discontinued so it’s good until this old laptop dies.

Yes. The instructions to use it are in the second post of this thread.

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