"Invalid" Cross fades

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Edition Windows 10 Home Single Language
Version 21H1
Installed on ‎9/‎20/‎2020
OS build 19043.1526
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.4170.0

What is your Shotcut version (see Help > About Shotcut)? Is it 32-bit?

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To do a transition to black effect, I decided to do a cross fade with a transparent image. However, when I close the file and try produce the file next day, the transition comes up invalid. If I redo the cross fade (as in re-edit the video), the problem may or may not persist. It is really annoying and I hope it gets fixed or if there’s an alternative solution to a cross fade.

Here’s a video showing the problem and the log file. I also compliment two images used in the cross fade in case that’s relevant. The “transparent” picture is just a picture with a transparent layer.

log.txt (87.9 KB)

(it embed the pictures. You probably only see a white background there)
I link this forum because it may ask the same problem, but I couldn’t make a head and tail of it.

I apologize, I forgot to include my Shotcut version. It is the most current version, 22.01.30, 64-bit Windows, even though the file was not made in this version. (I also may include that at one point, I thought the problem may be that I removed the “pure” tail of the cross fade, and it caused this problem and thought not to remove it, but I fell into the old habit of removing it and thought this ought to be fixed)

I do not know why you are making a transition with a transparent.png. That does not do anything - at least in version 22.01.30. I also tried in v21.08. Also, you should use Shotcut’s builtin color generator instead of a PNG of solid color. That way you have one less file to deal with because INVALID often shows when a file is missing and has not been replaced.
I see in your log

[Error ] [producer_xml] failed to load producer “D:/Subbing/Subbing recordings/Hanayui Chapter 25/blank”

We did fix a problem in the past with “blank” introduced when doing a certain operation. For example, in version 20.04.12 release notes:

Fixed Undo followed by Redo after a Lift or Remove on a transition saves the transition as INVALID.

I was able to reproduce the problem. It is similar to that plus your “I removed the “pure” tail of the cross fade.” Steps to reproduce:

  1. Lift whatever immediately follows the transition leaving a gap
  2. remove the transition
  3. Undo
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I make it transition with a blank image because I want that text box to fade out but swipe to right, like how fade cross transition bar horizontal do, as you can see in the video.

By the way, where can I find the color generator? Is it this thing? Looks complicated. Shotcut GL_Transform Generator

Open Other - Color


Thanks. Can you tell me how to get a transparent image from it?

Just click OK. It’s already set for transparent.

The default color is “transparent”

Check my video about making a controlled fade in, you can use the same technique to do a horizontal fade out

Thanks everyone. I will use both methods according to my situation.

By the way, @shotcut I think you reproduced it in the latest version, so I will make sure to keep a second of the tail there when I do that again.

This is fixed for the next version 22.03