Installing Shotcut on macBook

Is there a good tutorial video on installing Shotcut on a macBook?

I don’t do mac, but my client (with minimal computer literacy) has both a macBook Air and a MacBook Pro, and even after being given a link to the Shotcut homepage, is having trouble even finding the download for those devices.

A very simple basic tutorial.

“First turn your macBook on. The power button is here…”


An organization I volunteer at got a Mac Mini and I needed help finding the power button… :flushed:

Seriously, though…

A tutorial is needed.

It needs to be that simple; the client is getting 5k views on YouTube making slide shows from photos using a cheesy ten-buck app on an iPhone, and wants to get serious about editing, but has no idea how apps (beyond what it came with) are installed on the macBook.

I texted a link to the Shotcut homepage, and the text came back “It’s not available for Apple products.”

So I sent a screenshot of the macOS download page for Shotcut…

1/ Go to the download page by clicking on the word “Download” at the top of this page.

2/ On the download page click on one of these 2 links
Capture d’écran 2021-03-07 à 09.55.50

3/ Go to your download folder, you will find a file named
Capture d’écran 2021-03-07 à 09.57.59

4/ Double click on this file and you get the following window
Click on the “Shotcut” file and while holding down the left button move it to the top of the “Applications” folder.
Capture d’écran 2021-03-07 à 09.58.55

5/ Open your “Application” folder and double click on the “Shotcut” file to launch the application.


It is so simple that a tutorial is not needed. :wink:

See also Launching Shotcut

Beg to differ, my friend.

Some of us who who have been wrangling computers for decades forget how difficult even “simple” things are for some computer users.

In this case, having been directed to the Shotcut home page, the client responded that “Apple products are not supported.”

This is no fault of the homepage.

Rather, the client has no clue what a DMG file is, and does not recognize the term “macOS”.

Things that are obvious to me are a complete arcane mystery to the client.
Once we get beyond the first step, the wealth of video tutorials available on Shotcut should make the remainder of the journey easy and painless.

So I was hoping that one of the many contributors here who delight in making tutorials would step in.

@kagsundaram aren’t you a bit scared that your client wants to learn how to edit videos ?
If you were the one directing him toward Shotcut, you know you’ll also be the one he’ll turn to when he first launch the program.

My dear old maman seems to be like your client around computers. She can open Chrome to go on Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook etc… But she calls me at least to times a month, almost in panic, because she accidentally disconnected the Internet, or because her Chrome windows no longer fits the screen and she can’t resize it…

I’m happy to help her with those small problems, of course. But if one day she calls me and ask “Mon garçon chéri, I’d like to learn how to edit videos, can you help me ?”, I’d be scared like hell… :scream:

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Yes, that is what has happened, but this is a client I cannot ignore.

I proceed in fear, nay better said, abject terror.

I have avoided the mac for four decades; and they avoid me (macs mysteriously lock up, shut down, or refuse to continue talking to the printer if I merely enter the room.)

But proceed I must…

@kagsundaram I understand. Good luck to you.

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Thank you, @Namna.

It was as I suspected; all of the client’s apps until now had been loaded by someone else.

Having never used a mac, let alone installed apps in a mac, I couldn’t say “Do this…, then do this…”

(I am strictly a head-under-the-hood “Hand me that socket wrench” Windows and (reluctantly) Linux guy. I am most at home with where the bits and bytes meet the copper under a mission critical embedded microprocessor controller, or inside a protocol translator black box.)

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