How to install shotcut on linux?

I gifted a linux PC (which is robust in specs) to my grandma, I was reading yesterday @kagsundaram topic of how to install shotcut on a Mac. And my grandma called me now, asking how to do video editing, she couldn’t find any software for linux ubuntu 20.04, I told her about shotcut and gave her the download link, even after showing her visually on a video call on meet she didn’t understand. That’s now want a very simple (extremely simple) video tutorial for her. It should even contain how to type a word on keyboard, because she uses a third party software for getting on-screen keyboard. (Just kidding)

P.S:- I never told her about what is open-source, but she knew more than me about it, wondering that she had worked in computers or not, because she told me that she never worked on computers, but her stream was computer-science. Even she seems to know C++ and C, because she designed a addon for gimp herself, but gimp already has that feature (lens blur). I wonder if she never told me her truth of her such high knowledge in computer’s. Even she has installed linux on herself, which is super hard to learn and do, perhaps she has worked on linux in her job. However, she told me that she just worked in a small shop and printed papers from the xerox machine. (The post script about her seems to be longer than my original post🙄)

P.S.S:- but she never installed any applications, because every important install already came from the shop on the PC, that’s why she didn’t know how to install applications (Perhaps) . I didn’t know the actual reason of why she doesn’t know installing software.

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