Impossible to render with CBR

System: Windows 10
Shotcut Version: 23.05.14 - 64-Bit

Hi there!
I’m trying to render my videos with CBR - Bitrate 10M
All I get after rendering is an mp4 file with sound, but I don’t SEE any content I just cutted.
I use VLC and when I play the video, I still see the VLC Logo instead of everything I just cutted.

Any ideas?

Can you provide any more information?

  • What is your Video Mode set to? You can see the Video Mode settings by clicking Output, then Properties.
  • Media properties (Resolution/FPS)? Click on clips, then Properties.
  • Export settings. Export preset and any changes you made in Advanced.
  • Filters used and their settings.

These settings work for me:

Turn off “Use Hardware encoder” if you have that checked.

It really was the hardware encoder :smiley: