Impossible to do HTML overlay on a png picture

Hello. Sorry for my bad english but i am French. It’s impossible to do an HTML overlay (text in my case) on a picture, transparent or color. It’s possible on a video between two cuts but not on a png picture, contrary to what I read. I have tried several times but Shotcut stops every time. Thanks for your answer. Chris.

I’m not sure and someone will have to confirm this, but I have noticed that the more complex the animation on the HTML Overlay, Shotcut starts hanging on my laptop too, especially if you are trying to overlay a png.

What I do as a workaround is create a new video layer. Use File->Open Other. On that screen, I choose color (the default #00000000) and drag it to the new video layer. If I overlay my html on this, it works fine. This new layer sits on top of any png or video that I wanted to overlay.

Hope that helps.

Thank you but I have tried and it’s impossible to do also as you say with black color in transparent (alpha). I explain here how I do to anim texts with the filter HTML overlay :

Yes, that is a problem that I’m trying to get resolved as well: Wickeditor HTML5 Animation Overlay

Thanks for your answer but it’s too long for me to do that. I prefer to wait the keyframes on Shotcut to use it regularly. Perhaps a day we’ll have keyframes :slight_smile: