Wickeditor HTML5 Animation Overlay

Hi folks,

I have been using this html5 animation toolkit (http://wickeditor.com/) to create animations that can be exported as HTML.

When I place the animation in the timeline using HTML overlay, the timeline of the animation goes haywire. I understand that this is expected (https://www.shotcut.org/howtos/tumult-hype/):

Sure, Shotcut will let you drop in an animation, but the timing will be messed up without some integration - specifically the integration of time. Without it, the animation will appear to start at some random time or stuck on the last frame while previewing. Upon encoding, the time between frames will not be smooth because encoding does not operate in real time. Some times between frames may be too short or too long depending upon how fast rendering and encoding occurs.

So, now there are two things that I’d like to find out about

  1. Is there a way to integrate the timeline with Shotcut, like there is for Tumult Hype? Right now, I import the animation into a new project, export the video and then import the rendered video in my project to use the animation usefully.
  2. If I export the animation from Wickeditor using a transparent background, when overlaying the background becomes black. Is there something I can do about it?

The source code of the Wick Editor is on GitHub; not allowed to paste more than 2 links here. :neutral_face:

Any help will be appreciated.


This is where the reference for WickEditor’s scripting is: http://wickeditor.com/#reference

Thanks for your answer but it’s too long for me to do it. I prefer to wait the keyframes on Shotcut to use it regularly. Perhaps a day we’ll have keyframes :slight_smile:

I tried Mixeek once to see that but it’s discontinued… Sad because this one worked quite out of the box…
I saw Nodefire and Blysk.
Will tell you if I find something interesting.

I do that with Notepad++, you can see my tuto here…but in French, sorry…I am French and I live in France et the forum is only for the english : https://youtu.be/Z4mMEa_zDlI