Imported gopro videos have a bad color

When open some gopro video in Shotcut, this video have a bad color. In screenshot below is opened same video in Shotcut and VLC in zero time. Here you can seen different between this images? Exported video from Shotcut have this different color too. It is a bug? How I can fix it?

Before anything, download the latest version (v18.10.08) that was released just a few weeks ago. You can get it here from the main website.

Try it again and see if the problem repeats. If it does, then come back here and report but make sure if you do you give more information. Please read this. :slight_smile:

Also, did you change your video settings in VLC from the default setting that they have?

I had the latest version and I made a downgrade for compare. In last three version is it same. VLC is in default settings. I can test it in other player, but I think it will see same like in VLC.

Are you by any chance using a new hero 6 with HDR?

What is your gopro model and is it possible to change settings in the camera?

The footage in Shotcut is both lifted and clipped. The colours look the same hue.

Can you run Mediainfo on the GoPro clip so we can see what settings are embedded?

It is Gopro Hero 4. Source file is here, could you test it in the your Shotcut.

Ok, well this is interesting. Just opening the footage in both I’m seeing this, and honestly VLC looks “too dark”

So I decided to try something other than VLC(in my case media player classic)

now the colors are the same, so it seems the issue is not shotcut but VLC, and just because it was asked for I did pull the media info, it’s BT.709 something shotcut(and vlc actually) shouldn’t have an issue with.
mediainfo.txt (4.1 KB)

The issue is with the range setting:

Color range : Full
Color primaries : BT.709
Transfer characteristics : BT.709
Matrix coefficients : BT.709

Normally video is shot with Black at 16 and White at 235 (in a 0-254 range video). There’s various technical reasons for this to do with filtering, changing lighting conditions etc. This video is Full range (Black at 0 White at 254) - so Shotcut is correctly interpreting it and VLC isn’t - it’s clipping the highlights and shadows. I’m not sure why that is.

VLC is not lonly player with differnet show image. Windows Media player show it same.

I am glad that Shotcut have correct image interpretation and I can start editig this videos.
Thank you for your advices and time.

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