Import issue or i'm doing something wrong?

i’m trying to put together my first tutorial video for Shotcut but i seem to be having a problem. when importing almost 5000 individual frames featuring an animated picture element…Shotcut had no issue whatsoever, i would open one file out of a series of almost 5000 individual frames, double click the file in the playlist, click the properties tab, check the image sequence box, then press the a key and all of the frames in the sequence would appear in the timeline…when exporting that series the resulting .mp4 would function perfectly…however when attempting to create the closing credits sequence, i would follow the same procedure as before…but out of 380 individual frames…only 232 of the frames would load either to the playlist, or the timeline when i pressed a…the only difference i can see is that the images for the closing credits are solid black with white text making it’s way to the top of the black background to disappear at the top of the screen…am i doing something wrong?

i just read a related post, (Image sequences import), where it was mentioned that .png’s were slow in the loading…should i be using .bmp’s or is there a better windows related format i should be using?

Shotcut uses .PNG’s for the exported frames. If it’s easy, convert your outro to .PNG to see if that fixes the problem. If converting 380 frames is a ton of work, test the idea with fewer frames first.

lemme see if i’m understanding you correctly…load my existing .png’s into Shotcut, then export them from Shotcut as .png’s and this should fix it…am i getting this right?

I think I confused me, too. FWIW, there is a profile to have Shotcut turn video into a series of PNG’s. Scroll to the bottom of the profiles and there it is. However, you have 380 PNG frames you want to import not export.

When you import the 380 images, is it always the same images that refuse to load, or is it random? That is, on one try frame #7 won’t load, but the next time it’s frame #23 that won’t load. If it’s always the same frame, take a look at the file with MediaInfo to see if there’s something obviously broken.

What happens if you load 25, 50, 100…? You can, of course, bring in however many images import reliably, render them with an intermediate profile, bring more in, render, etc. Use the rendered clips to make the complete 380 image outro.

i’m able to load a third of the 380 images, render them into .mp4…then bring all three .mp4’s back into Shotcut and put them back together…i don’t know why this is…it’s just a little depressing when i loaded 4125 .png’s and rendered them all in one session just to have the software balk at a paltry 380 .png’s…it made no sense, i think this is the crux of my question… when i attempt to load the 380 .png’s it will consistently crash at 128…and when i reopen Shotcut it will bring up the list from the session…so i divided the load by 3 and took care of it that way…a little clunky but it worked…i guess now it’s down to wondering why it happened that way…mediainfo? where do i find this, now that i feel like a total rook c")

I agree there’s something odd going on. I’m still inclined to think something is broken in the files. What OS are you using?

MediaInfo d/l

using win10…i’m fully upgraded and this machine is kinda burly…i created my rollup in paint along with the animated portion of the video

just saying i don’t think the files are the problem…i i tried it again and this time had a different result…i was only 20 or so files short of complete loading…that was different…and i am using 17.11.07, about three versions ago i couldn’t get the program to load more than 128 images without crashing…the next couple of updates and i was able to load over 500 with no problem…now it seems to pick and choose what it wants to load and how much of it at any given time…nah, personification? not very likely…

Well, for laughs and grins, try feeding more than 380. I’d still give MediaInfo a try, to at least verify that all of the 380 are like the images that load.

One of the basic questions in troubleshooting: what changed from when things worked to when they didn’t.

Another thought, take maybe 5-10 seconds of any video and render it as PNG stills. Do they load, as PNG’s, into Shotcut?

i just looked that up…not sure if i’m too keen.

That’s the best course I can suggest.

More that once I’ve heard a client say, “but was working just fine!” “Yep, and Uncle Harry was just fine 'til the truck hit him.”

Some truck hit your machine or the 380 images. Time to go looking for the truck tire marks in your project… [/grin]

i went and got mediainfo and ran it with the files…kinda handy for a young program…but i really couldn’t make heads or tails of what it was trying to tell me…all of the .png profiles looked good…i did catch an error in my file naming convention while manualing each file individualy into the playlist, and that’s how i found my error…seems i jumped ahead a couple of times during the save as process while numbering the files…i did straighten that out and opened a second instance of Shotcut thinking it may have balked on the numbering issue. Shotcut did get further down the list…the recent pane showed all files present, but the playlist pane fell short and the program crashed…i reopened, and recovered the autosaved files and the playlist pane was still short…i’ll goof with it more later…i’m still manualing individual files into the playlist…i’ll let you know how that went…funny, there is no help file with mediainfo…but i’m still playing with that too…thanks for the heads up.

Steve_Ledger pointed someone with a similar challenge to this thread:

right, i normally select the first image in the series and when i check the image sequence box Shotcut will automatically load every image in the sequence that resides in that folder into the playlist…i couldn’t understand why it wouldn’t this time…hence the reason i had started this thread…but i did manage to load each image manually from the open file dialog and the playlist took it all…it took a little time but Shotcut put it all together and i ended up with the desired result…i wasn’t going to make a tutorial video of that…i wanted to post a video of it working the right way…better luck next time is all i can really say about that. and yes i did try loading smaller sections at a time…but it wasn’t so satisfactory…i’m just glad i was able to finish the project. thanks again for mediainfo…it’s turning out to be a handy tool now that i’ve been playing with it a little more.

I’m glad to be of some help. It’s always a relief to have a long project behind you. [/grin]