Import/Export keyframe preset


Is that a way to import and export user made keyframes presets? I’ve tried to look it up on the forum but got no answers, only found an old 2018 suggestion.

I’ve made a bunch of than and I’m a little freaked out on the possibility that they might just disappear.

Thank you all in advance!

Hi @Romulo_Brito

Go to Settings > App Data Directory > Show

This will open the directory were the presets folder is located

Open the presets folder and you’ll see a bunch of other folders. One for each Filter.
Your custom presets (and the presets already included in Shotcut) are in there.

This page will help you figure out what folder goes with which filter:

You, kind sir or/and ma’am, are my newest hero, Thank you very much

Hero! I don’t know if I deserve such a title :blush:

Just glad I could help.
And if there’s anything else, you know what to do :slight_smile:

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