Image overlay by using PNG images lossing clarity

Image overlay by using PNG images lossing clarity after applying size and position filter in shotcut.
anyone can explain a solution for that??

Is this the issue you’re having?

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PNG images are ‘raster’ type [bitmaps] and will always loose quality when resized because they are resolution dependent. Only vector images can be resized and retain their quality. Perhaps using the HTML Overlay filter and SVG images would be more suitable.

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You did not specify if you are changing the size of the image. If you are, then it is affected by something called an interpolation setting, which is like a quality level. There is a separate interpolation setting for preview within the app (Settings > Interpolation, notice how that is in the Player section of the Settings menu) and for Export. You did not specify if the problem is observed while previewing in the app or in the exported result. By default, preview (Settings > Interpolation) is at a low quality setting (Nearest Neighbor) because it is faster and better quality in Export (Bilinear).

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when i create and using svg file, it dosent woks properly for me. can u suggest any link or video tutorial for HTML overlay using SVG file?

Jithin.aeth … did you find a solution for this?