I'm helpless at random clicking

forgive what some might think of as humblebrag, but i’ve been a photographer for 55 years and a so-called computer professional for 35 years. and yet i’m unable to figure out how to use photo editors and now that i’m trying to learn video editors, they are as bad or worse.

bear in mind that i detest graphical computer games and i was forced screaming and crying into the non-command-line, i.e., gui world. but now the mouse has spoiled me and i’ve forgotten how to use all my linux and unix and, yes dos platforms. i recently got a gh5 to teach myself video but adobe screwed me over on an update to premiere elements and they couldn’t fix it and in addition, i can no longer run any adobe products because of their stupid drm and when their update corrupted their drm file, they are completely unable to fix it. anyway, a different topic for a different time.

so let’s start at the very beginning. i have two video clips. i simply want to join them. i go to google and it tells me that quicktime will do this and the procedure is pretty easy–you just drop both files onto the timeline… which isn’t there, btw, until you do something to make it show up. see, this is what i hate about computer games–i once threw a game in the trash when i finally resorted to a cheat book and found out i was supposed to be clicking random grains of sand on a beach where i started off shipwrecked. haven’t bought one since and that was 1982 or so.

anyway, so i exported my combined file, but youtube mangled it and didn’t use the original quality and i could find no way to output my clips at the original quality using quicktime. so i figured i’d bite the bullet and for now just upload them to youtube and join them. but no dice–youtube has removed the video editor which used to do this. which caused another youtube search where i found shotcut highly rated for beginners who only wanted to do the things they used to be able to do on youtube.

to my delight, i discovered it was multi-platform and with a wealth of documentation. since dragging both clips into anywhere in shotcut didn’t look anything like the same operation in quicktime, i watched the first shotcut video for basic operations. absolutely no help whatsoever although it hinted that if i had both clips in the playlist, i could do an export playlist. and that would have worked except it would have taken frigging forever. quicktime took less than two minutes to do the exact same thing. at 10 minutes, shotcut was only 2% done.

to distract myself i tried to apply a filter to both clips. again, no way to do both clips at once. you’d think that if the export let me export the playlist the filter would let me do the same thing. but evidently that’s too easy. and i’m not about to apply to one clips, then the other.

so here’s the bottom line. all i want in the world is to join two clips. i don’t even want to edit them. well, i do, but if i can’t join them and then edit them i’m not interested. then i want to export at the original quality. how hard can that be? how blocked am i about using gui tools? evidently, it’s terminal.

and yes i’m sure this could be done in fcpx, a $300 paperweight i bought. except i’m a demon at doing luts! i have vlog-l and hlg/hdr running on my gh5 and i can make the clips sing using fcpx and luts. i can also apply filters or film/movie looks and adjust tone curves and all that stuff. i just can’t trim or clip or join the clips. and the reason for that is that you evidently have to click on random grains of sand until you hit the right one and a box of gold coins pops up so you can go into the city and impress women.

ok, done venting now. will go ahead and upload my quicktime version to youtube which will mangle the quality anyway, so as long as i only want to upload there or vimeo i’m ok. :slight_smile:

oh, and hello to the group as we say in the ham world.

/guy (73 de kg5vt | wqpz784)

Drag your two videos into the playlist panel then drag them into the timeline, they will both appear on the one timeline from there you can export them as one single video.

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tried that. there was a thumbnail of the beginning of the first clip at the beginning of the timeline and a thumbnail of the very beginning of the second clip at the very end of the timeline. in-between was just a nearly solid blue color and i couldn’t tell how long the actual timeline was nor could i figure out a way to zoom and contract it so i could examine it. nor could i figure out which of the icons worked on a given clip, the entire playlist, or the timeline.

i’m assuming both clips were in there, but the export was taking way too long given that quicktime exported it in less than two minutes and shotcut was going to take like 25 minutes. but there wasn’t a clear cut preset for the export which indicated that it was just going to export at the original quality and since it was taking an inordinate amount of time, i’m (ass)uming it was doing way too much re-encoding for that to be the case.

told you i was a hopeless case. evidently somewhere along the line it became unfashionable to have dropdown menus with every command available for the user to peruse and what that command was going to operate on.

thanks! /guy

Indeed it does appear so…

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nothing i like better than being proven right, mate!

so, armed with your brilliant tips i ventured back inside and tried again. this time i found the tiny little font which indicated how long my timeline was so i knew both clips were in there. i then tried another export and this time i saw the dropdown box where it indicated that it was exporting the timeline and not just one clip or the other. but, when i actually started exporting, it used one of the clips names in the jobs box instead of saying it was exporting timeline, which was confusing again.

the first time i had selected mpeg4 export and my 8 minutes of 1080p60 video weighing in at 1.6gb was going to take 25 minutes to export. remember that quicktime did it in under two minutes. this time i selected h264 baseline and indeed the details box indicated it was using the proper .mp4 extension, so i had hopes this was the right one to use to retain original quality/settings.

but when i started it and it gave me an estimate, it was still 10 minutes. is shotcut not a 64-bit app? or does it have some performance problems that quicktime doesn’t? or haven’t i hit on the proper export preset yet. there are like 40 presets in that list and at least 36 of them might as well be in cyrillic.

btw, i didn’t see h265 in there–maybe hvec was and i didn’t see it. unfortunately my imac was one of the hybrid drive models that didn’t get completely updated to the latest high sierra and hvec doesn’t work in some places although fcpx works with it fine as long as i stay in that ecosystem.

hey, sue me. i beta-tested on many projects over the decades and the first things i notice when i run a new program are these little fiddly things that those who have been using the app for awhile no longer notice since they know what is going on. i get a lot of flak for pointing out the bad stuff before the good stuff, but i’m just wired as a pessimist i guess. :slight_smile:

thanks! /guy

So, I found out that gh5 is some type of camera. I am currently unsure what type of computer you have, what if any graphic card you have,and what OS you are running. I have learned that Shotcut is not made to join two clips and give you a quick output. If you are on windows, here is one for quick joining, and what have you. MediaCoder once you get it installed, you add your files. Make sure they are in order, then select all of them, then right click and select “group” that means you want to join them. then down in the encoding sections try and select the encoding that you need. YouTube is very picky about what you upload see the YouTube specs, Please note when you first upload a video to YouTube not all the resolution’s will be available right away. One guy on here said it took about two months for 1080P to show up as available.

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And I now know you got a Imac, will go looking. Wish me luck.

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and here’s the screenshot showing the preset and the estimated time:

Free Video Cutter Joiner Maybe this will do for now.

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years ago i used to have a program (well, i still have it, but it’s deprecated and not 64-bit) called turbo.264 hd and it came with a usb accelerator dongle. it was just brilliantly easy to use as it only had a handful of functions like combine, divide, and export. i used it for every single thing regarding video clips before i got the gh5 and got serious.

and quicktime would be fine except that it fiddled with the bit-depth.now, this camera i’m testing (the sony rx0) only shoots in 1080p without using the atomos inferno connected to hdmi out and i’ve been shooting exclusively in 4k and thus only have about 3 programs (fcpx, compressor, and edit ready) which will handle 4k60p at 10-bit and up to 400mb/s input. and quicktime isn’t quite up to that yet.

at any rate, my original clips are at a bit depth (in the apple info panel it labels this as ‘color profile’, but i’m pretty sure it’s bit depth) of 1:2:1. but after exporting from quicktime this was reading 1:1:1. if this isn’t bit depth and doesn’t affect the quality then i can use quicktime–at least for the 1080p videos out of this particular camera.

anyone know what that reading of 1:2:1 is and if it matters other than how it displays on different monitors?

tks, /guy

well, i thought you’d hit the jackpot on the free video cutter joiner mate, but there’s a few issues:

  1. it’s deprecated, i.e., not 64-bit. of course, the guy could update it before apple shuts 32-bit faucet off
  2. it’s designed to export to any of hundreds of devices, all listed. there’s like 5 dozen presets for sony phones and samsung tablets. which likely leads to #3
  3. it thinks you original file is 640x480 and no matter how you try to set the original 1080p resolution, it won’t let you do it
  4. it only goes to 30fps
  5. it only goes to 1280x740

but, there’s not a single way i can argue it’s not easy to use. i think the shotcut guys ought to immediately steal the following merge paradigm:

1)import multiple files
2)select the ones you want to merge
3)tick the checkbox which says ‘merge selected files’

and that’s it. you’re done! no clicking around the sand on the beach hoping for a gold coin and the only thing left to do is let the user select the export settings and have a preset that says: ‘export as original’ for a one-step option.


yeah, i’ve been uploading my 4k60p videos to youtube and sometimes it does indeed take 48 hours before others can view them in 4k60p. but at least you can upload them without problems. and just the few test clips i’ve put up there look great despite the browser codecs needs to be updated for 60fps. even with a great isp bandwidth i get sometimes up to 0.5-1.0% dropped frames. when i run the same 60fps videos on my sony tv i get zero dropped frames which proves its the browser codec decoder and not the speed of the internet connection.

btw, the joined clips are up on youtube now and i used the quicktime export for the youtube upload. it might not look the best yet because it’s still applying a filter i used because the original was a little washed out in the west texas sun.

go easy on the critique as this is a new camera (sony rx0) i am testing to use as a 1080p b-roll companion to my gh5. it’s truly postage stamp sized, but has a 1" sensor and a 24mm zeiss lens. it’s basically a very shrunken rx100 but with many more video features. i mounted it on my windshield using a very small suction cup and bear in mind one of the very weak points of this particular camera is that there’s no stabilization as those who are going to buy it prefer to use their own gimbals anyway. and manual focus and a lot of other make-work stuff designed to make their jobs more secure. :slight_smile:



I believe there’s a case for over thinking and not enough using.
There are a ton of developer and user created tutorials on almost any subject relating to Shotcut to learn from, here and on YouTube. Make use of them :slight_smile:
It could save you time and headache.


believe it or not steve, i’m that guy when it comes to reading faqs and documentation. i nearly like them better than pr0n. but i wanted to get this test video up quick and thus i only watched about 6 videos and read the faq. and none of them helped a bit–the beginners video was about 15 minutes long and half of that was bragging that you could scrub the video back and forth using the slider or the mouse. :slight_smile:

and, if you believe the faq is complete you have to belive that over the, what, 12 year life of the program, not one single user has ever asked how you merged two clips or exported them in original format.


yeah, i eventually got as far as the presets, but couldn’t find one which retained the original file settings and didn’t take way too long to export. i don’t understand why quicktime can do it in two minutes and it takes up to 30 minutes in shotcut other than extra recoding is being done or maybe quicktime doesn’t have to remove the wrapper and works directly on the .mov file underneath the mp4 wrapper.


unless i’m missing something, this only accepts one file at a time, so the merging and trimming would have to be done in another program. and it does have fine-tuning and tweaking options to a fare-thee-well, but i think that i’d just as soon use handbrake which i’m at least passing familiar with from my burning dvd and blu-ray period.

but i fed it a 3 minute mp4 file and it’s going to take about 15 minutes to just recode it as hvec (h265). also, it only wants to use an .mkv extension which seems to be a windows favorite and i don’t have much to open those with. i’m trying right now to manually put the .mp4 extension on and it didn’t blow up, but it might just be ignoring it.

it’s going to take more than 20 minutes. maybe i should have chosen h265. :slight_smile:

but i will say it was using every bit of every cpu core and drove my fans into overdrive.


Handbrake exports to .mp4 or .mkv - you choose.

MKV is a universal format, nothing to do with Windows per se

Anything but a direct stream copy will take more than two minutes to export no matter which software you use.

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Join Movie Clips Together with QuickTime Player for Mac You are using such large files, I have no ideal if this will work for you also I think your files are 10bit, 4.2.2 and most videos consumers see are 8 bit, 4.2.0. Don’t ask me what all that means. I just started learning recently.

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For YouTube it’s H.264 https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/1722171
Shotcut accepts multiple files at the same time. Just how many would you like to add?

Depending on the file bitrate, yes it may take 15 minutes to render.

Example #1 (20 minutes @1.74GB)
File size
File quality

Example #2 (69 minutes @1.67GB)
File size 2
File quality 2

Shotcut for me is the first digital editing software I’ve learned. This software has far exceeded anything I currently wish to do with editing, at this time. I do have a YouTube gaming channel, and have spent many hours editing videos with just Shotcut. Multiple Video/Audio files all at once. I’m still a novice user and try to give general support to others in here when I can.

@Steve_Ledger & @sauron help out many users in this forum and I’ve learned so much from them, among a few others, just by reading this forum from the advice they give others.

Youtube has quite a few videos on how to use Shotcut.

One channel I do recommend is Tux Designer : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPSWEL_RGs56IShe8FV0quQ/videos
He has been uploading a lot of new content of Shotcut for the past few months. His videos are very easy to understand and follow.