I still don't understand Ripple Edits Across All Tracks


I’m new. Sorry. I’ve read some things and found a pretty good video but I think the terminology on the icon is tripping me up. I probably need the ELI5 version.

Anyway, let’s say I have three tracks with video on them and I turn on the option “ripple edits all across all tracks.”

When I read “ripple edits across all tracks” I take it to mean that if I move a clip in front of another on the middle track, all of the other tracks should move their video clips.

But what seems to be the case is when I have that option on and I move a clip in front of another on the selected track, then the clips on that track alone move. Yet, it says “edits across all tracks?”

If I turn on the Ripple Trim and Drop option, it seems to behave like I expect but sometimes a clip splits up for some reason. I don’t understand that either. Still it does seem to behave like I want… move everything.

If anyone can help clear this up, I would appreciate it. What’s more, if anyone has a suggestion for actually recording a video of the interface so I can demonstrate what I’m doing that’ll be very helpful I think!


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Look at this post.


It depends. Ripple all tracks:

  • only applies when ripple is also on
  • only affects the clips after the moved clip on the same track
  • affects footage after the original start position of the moved clip on other tracks
    (I use the term “footage” when I mean there is a time range and not strictly whole clips, and that often includes a split.)
  • when moving right-to-left it simply pushes including a split on another track per the moved clip’s original start position
  • moving left-to-right is more complicated and usually has 2 actions:
    1. remove the footage from the moved clip’s original start-to-end positions including other tracks
    2. insert the moved clip to the new position, which shifts the clips on the same track to the right but also shifts footage on other tracks the same duration equal to the moved clip’s duration
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This helped a great deal, thank you.

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Just one clarification please…

By "ripple is also on, are you referring to the icon to the right of the ripple edit across all tracks toggle?



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