I need Some footages for practice

Hi guys, I am Arpit Dutt :metal:.

I was just asking if there is anyone who can give me some stock footages or some footages they wanted to be edited as I want to practice to edit in shotcut. The point is, that if I make or download videos I know they are to be used for what, So it becomes an easy task for me to edit them. But if someone else would tell me what they wanted how the video should look, Then it will be a relief for them to not edit the video themselves and also a challenge and practice for me to edit in shotcut, So for both sides it’s beneficial equally. It could be any cartoon or video that has to be made for YouTube footage. I will try to make them under 2 days.

If you have videos under HD quality or HD and length less than 10 minutes, Then your work is accepted to be edited. *This work is free, so I will not be taking any money for the work I will do.
*I will edit the video of the person who posts me first.

If I have not uploaded an reasonable topic than you can unlist this topic.


Nice and special idea :slight_smile:
I have video footage from our trip to vietnam, years ago, that i still wanted to edit and make it a holiday video. Unfortunatly the whole footage is approx. 4 - 5 h in HD, so not in your focus :worried:
Honestly i am still not 100% sure what is your expectation and what is the final goal?
Its quite easy to capture any kind of footage you want or you just give your mobile to your little ones :slight_smile: My daughter would like to take as many footage of their puppies or playmobils or whatever for you to practise :slight_smile:

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Are you interested in making Shotcut tutorials?
I have some uncompleted footage of a few how-to topics in Shotcut; my experience in making tutorials has led me to understand that I am not a good tutorial editor. :roll_eyes:

Recently I posted a quickly-made (and very raw) how-to in response to a question here on the forum from @casvin about converting 4x3 video to 16x9.
It could be trimmed down to a very short tutorial on the subject.
Are you interested?

And now @RilosVideos has some 4x3 video that he wants converted; what a wonderful coincidence! Additional footage for a how-to.

I have no narration as yet; if you are interested, I would be glad to do a second pass through, narrating, but I thing you would do better narrating it yourself. “Here you see him setting a new Keyframe.…”

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Ok, I am interested.
I could also do the narration, thanks for providing me a footage.

If it was 4k, I still would have been interested to edit your video. But I took a time limit because I usually do not have time even on sundays, That is why I took the time limit to 10 to 20 minutes.

Great - but still not 100% sure what you really want?
Out daughter likes doing little joke videos with some stupid stories, like pets horse riding or Bibbi & Tina stories, likely with persons visible. So what is your goal, what do you want to do with the footage and where will you show it? Shall it be public visible or just private? Voice will be german.

My Goal- I will be just editing those video to practice editing, If someone allows me to use them for commercial, then I will be uploading them on my channel or if it is a family tour or something else like YouTube videos than it is totally theirs I will be just editing it.

What is your language? I will use google translate to translate what I write in your language so you can understand better.

Original files (the entire project, including MLTs) are in https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1u1fwlpcggxfiye/AABina6wZFPG32knLXky8Ax7a?dl=0

(Also included there is the “false start”, when I thought that the Crop filter could do things which it cannot do. However, the false start might be a useful source of clips illustrating what is being excised from the original,)

Our language is german, but i understand quite perfectly english :slight_smile: Video voice will be in german.

OK, But I can’t edit your videos as I am editing kenneth’s video. Sorry for that.
Here is my goal in german:
Mein Ziel - Ich werde diese Videos nur bearbeiten, um die Bearbeitung zu üben. Wenn mir jemand erlaubt, sie für kommerzielle Zwecke zu verwenden, werde ich sie auf meinen Kanal hochladen oder wenn es sich um eine Familientour oder etwas anderes wie YouTube-Videos handelt, als es total ist Ich werde es nur bearbeiten.

I understand your english - no problem.
We just captured 6 small clips from my daugther playing Bibbi + Tina.
She might be quite dissapointed now…

But anyway…

So here is the final result:-
Unedited clip gave by Kenneth- https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lfbng1zlr82w67i/AADBpAQkMVtJJdJIiAznsoGia?dl=0

Final edited result- https://www.dropbox.com/sh/l1ct65nn8nb5zen/AAAqASfuWPJDZvup20Gy9G7fa?dl=0


I really like this website, it provided me plenty of video clips for a school project, and the video quality is quite interesting. Take a look!


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