I need help with chromakey!

So I did a little bit of editing and was using the chromakey filter quite a lot and everything looked good in the Shotcut program.

But when I exported the video for some reason most of my chromakey edits were not working.The chromakey filter worked fine when I used the filter on a video where there was a moving object. But when I used it on pictures for example wanted to add a sports team logo on my video it would just leave a white box on the video after I exported it. Can anyone please help?

Thank you!

In order to help you it would be useful if you could post a screenshot of the whole Shotcut window showing the Chroma Key filter acting on the clip with the image on it. That way we may be able to see if you are doing something wrong, since that filter is used a lot and this problem has not been reported before so far as I know.

You could also look at my short tutorial here:

One possibility if it only happens on export and not in Shotcut’s player window is that you are exporting with the option “Use Hardware Encoding” set. If that is the case try again without setting this option.

I have it off. I tried it again same thing.

Can you try again, but this time move the Size, Position & Rotate filter in front of the Chroma Key filter (drag it to the top of the list of filters)?

The white box is still there but now it is full screen

Which version of Shotcut are you usng and did you download it from the official Shotcut website Shotcut - Download or from somewhere else?

I just tried it on 21.03.21 and it works fine for me.

I updated to the latest version. Now it works perfectly thank you sir.

Glad to here it. I’m sure you’ll enjoy creating videos with Shotcut.

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