I have a doubt about Spot Remover

guys I m editing my video I have a watermark so I use spot remover and it makes the place blur so I planned to keep a photo up of the spot remover but I have no idea how to a photo on the spot remover in the video any help me

Put the photo on a track above the video and apply a Size, Position & Rotate filter to it.
Edit the settings to resize and move the photo over the watermark.

Basically, spot remover is not a automatic AI tool that generates something else in the background. It is used as a single filter blur tool. Because the original blur tool only blurs the whole video.

let me try

Out of curiosity, why is there a watermark in your video? The only thing I can think of would be commercial footage that has been watermarked precisely to prevent it from being used without payment. Maybe there is another situation that I haven’t run across … ?

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