I can no longer manually set the playing time of an image via the settings

I can no longer manually set the playing time of an image via the settings. Is this a current bug or am I making a mistake?

Did you mean it? Everything is in place.

The hare is a picture. I can no longer manually set the playing time in the properties. I can only do it relatively imprecisely by moving the outer lines of the picture in the time axis.

This is intentional. You can only change the duration when the image is in the Source player. You cannot in general trim using a numeric field in shotcut regardless whether its an image, video, or audio clip on the timeline.

I have a project with 200 images, and they are all placed in the correct position where they should be.
Only after I finished organizing them I realized that I needed to reduce the time for all of them.
How can I do this? Will I have to click and drag one by one for 200 images? Or will I have to relocate and organize them all again?

Yes, or you can recreate whatever you are trying to do with many images using the

What do you mean, I have to click and drag my images 200 times? This is not a solution!
Imagine if I need to do this more than once?

I’ve been looking for a solution to this problem here on the forum, and what I found the most was people asking about this, since 2018 there are people asking about changing the duration of the image in the timeLine.
It’s time to realize that the solution of having to recreate the timeLine every time you need to change the duration is not a good one, don’t you think?

Here is my humble suggestion, listen to the many requests that are being made in the last five years and implement the time change in the timeLine… Please!!.. :slight_smile:

From your comment I can not tell if you have tried the Slideshow Generator. Did you try it? If so, what did not meet your needs?

Hello Brian, I’ve tried yes, but I’m missing some things. Even if you read my comment and have already used SlideShow, you should already know that it doesn’t answer either.
I’ll list some obstacles to using SlideShow:

  1. Every time you want to change the time of each image, you have to delete the images from the timeLine, then all the filter work, etc. goes away.
  2. You can even pre-position it, but image by image, you cannot, for example, drag a block of images.
  3. If you have a project with images and videos, you cannot use slideShow, or if you are going to use it, you have to assemble video + blocks of images, and again, if you need to change the time of the images, you have to lose everything you have done .

In short, it would be much easier if the timeLine time could be changed, there are a lot of people and a long time asking for this.
They could take into account the various requests for this change.

Correct. I would recommend making sure the timing of all your clips is correct before moving on to more detailed filter work. This is general advice that applies with or without the Slideshow Generator.

Maybe I am not understanding this correctly. But, in my experience, you can enable “ripple”, drag an image to the right, and all following images will move with it.

Incorrect. Slideshow Generator works with images and videos.

I am open minded about making changes. But I want to make sure I understand the request. Additionally, it takes a long time to make changes, test and release them. So hopefully we can find a solution that works for you today.

I use the Slideshow Generator quite a bit and it works pretty well for me. Here is my general workflow.

  1. Figure out timings by determining how long I need the slideshow to be. For example, if I want the slideshow to go with music, take the duration of the song and divide by the number of images/clips I want in the slideshow.
  2. Generate the slideshow and test the timings. I don’t add any transitions initially because I just want to make sure the timing works.
  3. Iterate #2. By deleting the track and regenerating the slideshow until I am happy with the timing of it
  4. Tweak transitions and add filters as necessary
  5. Add an intro or credits if desired (make sure to factor these into step #1.

If you do need to give custom timing to some clips after generating the slideshow, use the “ripple” feature to make changes so that change ripple to the rest of the slideshow.

I hope this is helpful. Maybe other people have some tips they can share.

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Here I was talking about the playlist.

You can even put videos with slideShow, but it enters the timeLine with the same time as the images. What’s the use of this?

This solution has been requested by the community for over five years. There would have been time to implement this functionality, wouldn’t it?

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