I adapted a filter set by Kamigeek to make this lower thirds banner slide in/out

@kamigeek posted some neat Filter Sets to create text banners:

I just took one of them, changed the width of the banner (not so wide) and added slide-in and slide-outs using two SPR filters, and saved it as a new Filter Set.
@kamigeek, hope this is OK to use your creation like this!
Quick demo:

Here’s my adapted Filter set:
KG_JR sliding banner filter set.zip (1.7 KB)

To use it, add a transparent clip, go to filters, filter sets and select
Change the text to suit.


nice :smiley:

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Thanks for the original Filter Set @kamigeek. Great use of gradients!
BTW I should have made the “Team Awesome” text white, or yellow… its too dark…

Nice version, one side note, don’t think that the “mask from file” is needed in your version

Thanks. I will try it soon :slightly_smiling_face: