HTML Text on Transparent image not working

I had another thread where this came up as a possible solution, but it wont work. Trying to overlay HTML text over a transparent image so that it can then be faded in/out and slid along the timeline to position exactly easily. However the text will not show when using a transparent image.

Hi, I don’t have the details on how to do it but you can use the chroma key filter to do that. I reported the same problem here:

Hmm ok, just tried the chroma keysimple but I end up with the main video going dark before i can get the text to show properly. Oh well, I will stick with plain text over the transparent image for now.

Seems to work perfectly fine here. Though re editing the HTML text causes it to disappear from the preview entirely.
I’ll stick with my method as it’s accurate, fast and reliable.

Yep, good method, Steve - the fade in/outs work - Way hay!!!. Thanks again for showing me how to do it.

Hi SeaComms, you can still position easily the text by dragging the ENDS of the copied clip, not the WHOLE clip. I’ll post a quick demo if I have time tomorrow.

The chroma key filter with html overlay works but the video is dimmed where the filter is applied.

Is there a solution for that?

Hi Jon, unfortunately my video is made up of 6 second clips transitioned and I want the text to go longer then each clip so it makes it very difficult to do it that way. Since the chroma adjustment fades the clips too, I will have to stick to manually sizing the text over a transparent clip for now until something better comes along!

The only other way I could think would be to process the video without the text overlays, then re-edit using the method mentioned with the html text overlay. A bit convoluted though.

Cheers, Dave.

Hi Seacomms, Ah, yes, I understand your problem. I was thinking you were adding text to one long clip.
Thanks, Jon
EDIT: Just a thought, though, you can always use the “Open MLT XML as a clip” feature before you add the HTML text (easier than exporting it and reopening) to make your transitioned long clip “clean”. Then add HTML text to that. Jon

Hi Sauron, thanks for posting this - very useful information.Jon

Chroma Key Advanced filter with html overlay produces a better result than when using Chroma Key Simple. The video is not dimmed.

When using Chroma Key Advanced the color space selection should be set to Hue-Croma-Intensity for the filter to work properly.