How use a PREVIOUSLY EXPORTED CLIP in a larger project without LOSING RESOLUTION

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  • Using a file that’s been previously editted in SHOTCUT, to not DIMINISH in resolution when you repeated export a previously exported clip ( instead of an RAW (uneditted clip STRAIGHT from the camera).

  • Or an Alternative solution to my situation described below.

Currently I’m already exporting at 1920/1080 @ 100 FPS. & STARTING each project with 1920/1080

I am trying to create a longer 30min + program comprised of multiple short 30 second/1-2 min MUSIC VIDEOS STYLED ( multiple of CUTS, JUMPS EFFECTS in every second of the clip).Because Shotcut DOES NOT allow COPY & PASTE (of multiple CLIPS TOGETHER), I created a project for EACH short clip and HOPING to export each SHORT clip and then start a NEW project for the longer 30 MINS segment & USING the previously EXPORTED short clips AS SOURCE that is
has been previously EXPORTED by SHOTCUT). So I can easily OUTPUT the larger project without having to REEDIT EACH clip from scratch*(or a way to COPY & PASTE Multiple clips together would ALSO solve my problem)*. I also wanted the freedom of being able to present each short clip by itself also NOT ONLY within the longer program ( thus I was editing them individually each video as it’s own individual project).

The problem is each time I do that, I find that OUTPUTTING a PREVIOUSLY EXPORTED SHOT CUT clips as SOURCE into a larger project, or when you repeatedly EXPORT a clip then replacing your source for the output with a PREVIOUSLY EXPORTED SHOT CUT clip in the FINAL OUTPUTresolution DIMINISHES , instead of one USING raw (not previously EXPORTED footage) as source to output with.

Does the exporting process COMPRESS the file, thus each time I repeatedly REPLACE segments as a SOURCE with ALREADY exported as SOURCE in my project SHOTCUT, my OUTPUT loses resolution? ( I noticed, each time I export the same clip, the OUTPUT file actually diminishes in size). Is THAT what is causing the resolution lost with EACH EXPORTING?

Sorry if this is a rather “beginner’s question” since I don’t know much about encoding/ compression of anything of that sort. How can I go around this problem?


Please help? Thx

You can open the project file as a clip.

Also look at this post

And video

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Unless you use a “lossless format”, each time you export a video it will lose some data due to compression. So if you are exporting clips to be re-imported into Shotcut at a later time you should use one of the lossless formats and export them with this.

Beware though, some video players may not be able to play lossless format videos, so if you want to do that you will have to export 2 copies, one lossless and the other with “normal” compression.

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Lossless is a format where you don’t lose any data in the original file. All of the pixels that were in the video within Shotcut will be recorded in the lossless video. A lossy video is one where information in the original video is thrown away and lost when compressing the video for export.

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sorry amateur here and don’t know what LOSELESS is, is there a video clip or link to explain?

out of the choices for loseless which one should I choose and why? When you say some players can’t play loseless do you mean my final output video of the larger project it cannot play? Can you please elaborate on that? What about Youtube and such, is that 'LOSELESS playable?"

sorry I’m an amateur here just learning CHEERSand VERY VERY helpful!!! TYSM☻

TYSM!!! So helpful!!! God Bless you :heart::heart: :grinning:

If your final project is exported as e.g. MP4 with 67% quality it will not be lossless, but it will be what is called “visually lossless”, i.e. the information that is thrown away in the compression cannot be detected by the human eye and it should play on most (all?) video players. So any clips you have included that were actually lossless will look as good in the final video as they did in their original state.

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so because you did highlight H.264, is that what I ought to use, what is the difference between that and

  • FFV1

  • *huffYUV

  • ut VIDEO
    or can you point me to a video/ or post that can explain??? THX!!!

AH!!! Is there a reason a number range % that is loseless in compression? like you listed 67% what is a good range? thx :grinning:

I tend to use MP4 for my lossless videos with the parameters you get by choosing “mp4” in the “lossless” export section. I’m sure there are no problems with the others if you are using them for this purpose, e.g. huffYUV was actually invented to be lossless.

I tend to use Quality=67% for the mp4 videos I want to showcase. It is a trade-off against filesize, the higher the quality percentage then bigger the filesize. If you are sending the file to Youtube you should use a high-quality setting, since Youtube will re-encode your video and, as you have seen, compreesing a video that is already compressed will always produce a poorer looking video.

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thank you! so HuffYUV is created to me loseless is that ACTUALLY loseless or VISUALLY human eye LOSELESS ( still actual lose is made like you mentioned before). Thx!!! Im look for very very detailed extremely high resolution ( LIKE a commercial for watches and i’m zooming into tiny watch part and highlighting it for a commercial to sell a watch) so I don’t want any LOST at all, and I’m using pics of 600 DPI with dimensions of 4K and over. so with that said, do you still recommend 67%?

thx!!! :grinning:

Thx for this, I was wondering as the video showed you can save edited clips as MLT file, can you save PARTIAL timeline on your output as MLT file like you can when you EXPORT? thx!!! :grinning:

HuffYUV is actally lossless - no data is thrown away, as is MP4 with the parameters you get by choosing “mp4” in the “lossless” export section.

I have not used huffYUV, lossless-MP4 has been sufficient for my needs, but all 4 formats in the “lossless” section will produce truly lossless videos that you can feed into Shotcut. As I said, some video players may have difficulty playing them.

I haven’t use Shotcut for 4K, so someone else will have to answer those queries.

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thx so much!!! :grinning:

when you say 67% is that the % that’s under the heading in
EXPORT under
CODING where it reads
Quality = qscale = 15 ?

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Yes: 67% quality on MP4 equates to a crf (Constant Rate Factor) of about 17, which is visually lossless. See here for more information:

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