How to weld two clips without rendering

Is it possible to merge two clips into a single video without having to re-render?
I cut a video into 2 clips. That’s easy.
But taking 2 videos and “soldering” them, is it possible?
I ask why when I make several cuts in a video and then I want to apply filters, I have to apply the same filter to each piece. It gives a lot of rework.
Any solution?


When you open a file in the Source viewer, apply your filters (if they are all the same settings that you desire), then you can select different clips, etc. The filters applied at source follow the clip when put into the timeline .


I am still a neophyte, so I hesitate to offer an answer … and none of these answers may be what you are looking for in any case. But here are three thoughts:

Answer #1: There is the ability to merge a clip with the next clip on the timeline … but as far as I can tell, this only works to essentially undo a split; I don’t think (?) it will work with two different clips, or even two different segments from a longer clip. Access this by right-clicking on a clip and choosing “other” from the pop-up menu.

Answer #2: If you want to apply the same filters to all of the clips in the timeline, apply the filters to the timeline itself rather than to the clips. Click on the rectangle on the left that contains the name of the timeline - but not on one of the icons (obviously), nor on the name of the clip (less obviously - this will give you the opportunity to change the name of the timeline). You want to click in a blank area. Then go to the filters tab and add them in. Voila - the filters apply to everything in that timeline.

Answer #3: Probably the least helpful answer, but perhaps it might be worth the trouble to combine the clips using ffmpeg or avidemux - just use “copy” as the codec(s) so that you don’t lose quality.

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Thanks. Great tip.

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your answer # 1 solved my problem.
I will follow the other tips.
Thank you very much!

Thanks for the tip.

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