How to speed up a (photo) timelapse beyond 1 photo per frame?

Hi all,

I shot a cloud timelapse yesterday and after processing it at 30 fps I realise the result is too slow so I technically can delete every other photo, rename sequentially and reimport the image sequence to get a better result but I was wondering if there was a way to do this in shotcut?

Basically I am now looking at the properties tab of the image (sequence) but because this is an image there’s no speed option as there is for videos so can’t use that. I also tried importing the XML as a clip but there’s still no speed option in the properties panel (there’s nothing there really). Also the “Repeat x frames per picture” option doesn’t work with fractions (so 0.5 fps would skip every other image in sequence - which is expected to be honest, as only 1/x fractions would actually make sense - but it would help for this special case 0.5, 0.33, 0.25, 0.2 etc).

Also quick side question: are inactive accounts deleted after some time? I could swear I used this forum at least once a while ago.

The only way is to increase the frame rate in Video Mode. Alternatively, if you export the timelapse as a video then you can speed that up in the video’s Properties.

are inactive accounts deleted after some time?


All right, I was hoping there’s a faster way. I think i’ll try deleting files in explorer, maybe resize the window to get exactly 2 items per line lol.

Hmm, I guess I found the answer and didn’t end up creating an account or something.


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