How to set length of images to 1/2 second?

I want to redo an animated GIF as video, maintaining the original 0.5sec duration for each image.
I have isolated the images and loaded them onto Shotcut.
But when I try to set the duration on Shotcut, there seems to be no way to get a duration less than 1.0sec and more than 0.24sec.
Am I missing something, or is this built into the program for some reason?

Is this the wrong place to ask this question?


To obtain half a second you need to have a project set to 60fps.
In video you are always working with frames per second.

Using still images as input, I find no way to set the project at any frame rate. I do see a setting for duration (under Properties).
I imported a set of still images.
I set the duration for the shortest possible.*
I set output for 60p.
Actual duration of each image was about 4sec.
Is there some other 60fps setting that I’m not seeing?

*This is problematic since the “duration” setting seems to show not fractions of a second but from 0-24 frames. I understand the reasons for this system on the timeline, but I don’t see the purpose when attempting to set the duration of a still image. And it doesn’t allow for anything under 1 sec.

Settings>Video Mode
I chose HD 1080p 60fps

Then import my image, drag to the timeline and drag to 00:00:00:30 (½ sec)

Subsequent images can then be ‘split’ at 00:00:00:30 (½ sec)

If you want a sequence of images all at 00:00:00:30 (½ sec), follow kenj69’s post for setting default duration.


Thanks! Sorry it took me so long to respond - I’ve been involved with another project and not checking email.