How to set duration of embede image

I have a video clip, 20 minutes long.
Want to embed a small image on the video from start to the end (20 min.)
So on V1 there is the video clip and on V2 that image.
Set size of it and position, but cannot set the duration of it, in its properties there are 6 seconds and cannot change it.
So I drag that image on V2 again and again until reaching the end of the clip.
Is there some easier way to set the duration ?
Answers will be appreciated

Shotcut 21.12.24 on Win 10, 20H2 x64

It’s pretty simple. Go to the place where you want to end the image, select the image, press S on your keyboard, and delete the right side of the splitted image.

Thanks for the ansswer.
Its not so simple. The image is only 6 seconds long, the video clip is 20 minutes long.
If the image was more then 20 minutes, then I know how to cut/split it, but first it has to be as long as the video clip or longer.
As I wrote before, in properties of the image the small duration window is inoperative.

Maybe this will help?

Also, a while ago I made this video that shows how to change the default duration of new imported images, new Color clips, new Text clips and new Color bar clips in Shotcut.

You can find the link to the video, plus additional instructions in this topic:


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