How to select and export portions of 2 tracks, 1 Video and 1 Audio?

I have read several posts about exporting but not exactly this issue.

What I did:
I imported a video (mp4, with ambient noise audio track, mp3).
I imported a music audio (mp3).
I turned off the audio portion of the imported video.

I want to do two things:

  1. Select a short (a few seconds long) segment of both tracks (video and music audio).
  2. Export this segment as mp4 with mp3 music.
    I don’t really want to delete everything else since I want to repeat this process with several short (a few seconds each) segments.

The problem:
I can select the video track and add it to the playlist. I can export it.
I can select the audio track and add it to the playlist. I can export it.
I can’t figure out how to integrate the two and export them as a singe file with video and music audio.

Is there a simple solution?

Well - there’s a learning curve to all things in life. Shotcut isn’t so difficult.
Therefore just ‘Practice & Patience’ - learn how video editing workflow works and watch as many Shotcut tutorials as you can on basic editing and exporting.

Let me put it another way.
How does one select (all or part of) more than one track at a time? I have tried all sorts of things and only one track gets selected.
All helpful answers welcome.
(Suggestion to wade through hours of videos, many of which are garbage, just to perform what could/should be an operation requiring seconds to execute, is not helpful. But you knew that.)

You can only export the TIMELINE, not parts of it or single out tracks to export (though you can HIDE a track that you don’t want included)
If you want to export clips from the source, mark the IN and OUT point in the source preview window, then add the clip to the playlist. When exporting, select to export from the Playlist in the Export panel.


Don’t be ridiculous. Of course I was trying to be helpful. If you don’t have the patience or think people are posting garbage tutorials then that is your problem.

Hi, I’m a newbie with a similar question, so reviving this old thread.

I’m doing simple editing jobs, cutting 90-minute recordings into bite-sized pieces of 10-15 minutes each. One track for video, maybe one track for overlaid stills. I don’t know the best way to export the pieces as separate files. Each piece consists of several clips, so it’s not as simple as exporting a clip. I need to use the timeline.
In Premiere Elements, I can keep all five or so segments on a single track in the timeline, then use a slider to select which part of the timeline I want to export. Easy, but Shotcut doesn’t have that feature. I see there is the ability to render the Playlist as separate video files, but when I mute all but one track, move timeline to source, and then source to playlist, I get the error “cannot add a project to itself.”
So I end up putting all my multi-clip segments on separate tracks. Then mute all but the longest, export the timeline, delete that track, repeat with the next longest, etc. This is very cumbersome and I’m sure there must be a simpler way.

What am I missing?

Use the copy timeline to source feature.


This puts the entire timeline in the viewer. Then select each portion to export use the the i and o keys. I for inpoint O for outpoint.


Once the section is selected export it.


Repeat for each section.


Simple explanation, concisely worded. I too was looking for something like this. Thanks Sauron.