How to remove watermarks from video

A video clip has a watermark (transparent) in the center of the video. I tried to remove it with “Avidemux” delogo filter, but the result is poor.
Is there some other way to get nice results ?
Answers will be appreciated.

The source of the video, the one who licensed it to you, should have supplied it to you without a watermark.

You could ask them.

Watermarks are usually added to prevent unauthorized use of a video.

Eight days ago, someone asked how to add a watermark. I was tempted to say that I looked forward to the subsequent “how do I remove a watermark” post in a couple of days, but I didn’t want to sound cheeky. Now that someone has asked, I feel vindicated LOL.

Depending on the size of the logo, the Spot Remover filter may work. However, it’s bad form to copy someone else’s work and remove the logo unless you’ve got legal grounds to do so. “Fair use” is not legal ground to manipulate the source footage to take credit away from the original author.


A bit of an understatement; there are legal ramifications also to be considered.

I had a somewhat different idea, but first, before sharing it, the question of ownership and rights must be settled.

:laughing: :joy: :rofl: Oh, Austin! :rofl: :joy: :grin:

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Step 1. Pay for the video or ask the owner for permission


Shotcut does not have features to remove watermarks.

The resources category has links to sources for free and royalty free videos. Have a look at those.

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