How to add a watermark in multiple videos at once

Hi all,

Is it possible to add a watermakr to multiple videos at once? How do you do that?

Thank you very much, I really appreciate it!

Here is a video by me for your reference:


Thank you so much for your answer and taking the time to do a video tutorial.
But my question was more regarding to add the watermark at the same time to different video files.
Eg: you have a star watermark that you want to add to a video1.avi, video2.avi and video3.avi but keep those videos as separate files, not complied as one video as in your example.

Thank you!

It is easy to do, Just use your first video and add the logo on it at your specific time then export then do the same thing for others as separate playlist items.
If you don’t know how to separate a single file which is just splitted, then you can follow this tutorial by Musical Box:

Ah okay, i thought there might be an automated way to apply that watermark into several videos from a playlist. But thanks for the tips!

Apparently you can do this easily by calling “ffmpeg” direct from the command-line. See here:


Any time I get to use FFMpeg, I’m all for it


This sounds (on the face of it. I haven’t had a need to do it) really easy to do. Create a watermark in the application of your choice (personally I prefer Pixelmator, though whatever works for you), export the file as a .png file (which has a channel for transparency), then save it to a video, placing it wherever you want.

You ask about “multiple” videos, which confuses me because you can only work on a single video at a time in Shotcut (which is the case with every video editor I’ve worked with thus far).

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