How to remove the thumbnails of audio files at once?

The link above gave me the answer, but it works for only a single clip. If you select multiple clips and try it, it won’t work. Thus, if you have 100 audio clips, you have to do it 100 times and it’s not fun.
Is there any way to do that at once?
Thanks in advance.

If you simply put them on a timeline audio track the image of the audio file is ignored.

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The problem is that you can’t display the spectrums then.

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Hi, thanks, but as I said, it has multiple clips, but not a single one.

You’re right, I missed that part. Sorry

Maybe this would be of more help to you:

If the only issue is the Spectrum visualisation, you can put all your audio files on an audio track and apply the Spectrum visualisation to the Output.


Awesome!! Thx a lot!!

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