How to make zoom out effect like this:

Last time I was wondering about how to make transition zoom out effect like this:


something like: (from 26 to 27 sec)
I tried a lot of times with mirror and other filters but I can not remake this effect.
I know it could be very hard to make but I count on you guys :sunglasses:
(I know that I could do it in after effects or cupcut, but I prefer to do everything in shotcut)

I don’t personally know a way to simulate this exactly other than combining the fisheye lens filter keyframed, a custom mask, zoom (size, position & rotate), and blur - a lot of work since it’s not a built-in transition. Someone else might have a genius solution.

It brings up an interesting idea though that I’ve been thinking about. It would be cool if Shotcut supported GPU shader filters like GLSL/HLSL. OBS Studio supports these, and MANY visual effects are possible through shader filters. In fact, since I use OBS a lot, I often want to answer in terms of OBS Studio.

This would likely be possible in OBS Studio using a zoom blur, animated via the move transition plugin with a custom stinger transition. But as far as natively in Shotcut. I dunno. :woman_shrugging:

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Hi. You might want to take a look at the Resources section. There are some transition effects nammed Filter Set. For example, this transition from @dimadjdocent looks like what you want:
Filter set | Hyper Zoom Transition FX


oooo, that’s awesome SergeC. I didn’t know you could install external resources like that. That is very similar indeed and quite a dynamic effect.

It’s quite similar to the stuff possible with shader filters and transitions in OBS. Noice

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Yes, thoose are preety goood, thanks for help

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