Filter set | Hyper Zoom Transition FX

A popular transition effect on the Internet is Hyper Zoom, now available to Shotcut users.

How to properly prepare clips:

  • Transition length must be exactly 1 second (30 frames)
  • In the transition settings, be sure to set the “Cut” mode, and position - 50%.
  • This effect was created for 1920x1080x30 fps video mode. I do not guarantee that it will work well in other video modes.

How to install this effect:

  • Shotcut - Settings - App Data Directory - Show - filter-sets (unzip the contents of the archive into this folder)

In this video I show how I apply this set of filters: (1.0 KB)


I saw that post on my phone yesterday and forgot to come back to it to test your Set. :flushed: Sorry

Works like a charm and it looks quite nice.
Clever use of filters. I wouldn’t have thought of it :+1:

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im just happy that there is now a mechanism to package these things, reuse them, share them, re-apply them. super idea and great job on the part of the developers.

this one transition can be applied, to, say, 200 photo slides all at once, for example?


At the moment, there is no way to create custom transitions in such a way that shotcut considers it to be a full-fledged transition. This is just a set of filters with frame-by-frame animation of keyframes, which is designed for 1 second. Based on this fact, this transition cannot be inserted into the built-in slideshow generator. 200 transitions will have to be done manually each, I think it will be tedious.

Drat. I was afraid I might be ahead of myself… Still, it’s a great feature, if even just 1by1 manual…

Cool Transition, thanks for sharing.

Trick to step back one sec, is to use the PgUp key


A suggestion:
Currently, the ‘Cut’ transition does not exist in the slideshow generator choices.
It would certainly be interesting if it could be added (if possible), with the position at 50%.
In this way, custom transitions can be easily placed.
1/ Copy the custom transition.
2/ Select each transition and, in the Filters tab, click on ‘Paste’.
This method would be pretty quick, right?

There is no “cut” in the slideshow settings. I think due to the fact that it is not needed there from the point of view of the transition itself, which is almost a classic gluing. But you would still have to add this effect manually to each transition.

@dimadjocent You’re right. I was just suggesting that, if the developers add the ‘cut’ transition in the slideshow settings, it wouldn’t take too long, since you’d just have to paste the effect onto each transition, even for 200 photos as @Reagan would like.

At the moment, the shotcut user community has not created enough custom transition effects to make the developer interested in the possibility of changing something in the engine of this video editor. For many fancy and trendy special effects, Shotcut lacks filters such as radial blur, motion blur, fisheye keyframes, and the ability to edit bezier curves for keyframes. Personally, these opportunities are not enough for me. I still hope that someday this will appear in the shotcut and then the number of transitions and effects will become hundreds of times more and they will be much more effective and diverse.


In the meantime, @dimadjdocent , your hyper zoom effect is great! Bravo and thank you for sharing the filter set. Works perfectly for me… You used a very creative array of multiple filters! What a talent. :grin:

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@Reagan In the meantime, you can choose Bar Horizontal transition, softness 50%, in the slideshow generator. It works quite well with this Hyper Zoom effect.

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@dimadjocent Thanks for this great effect.:+1:

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It is not necessary. You simply set the transition duration to 0.

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If you set the duration to 0, no transition will be created. His point is that if the generator were to add a transition with a cut, then the user could easily paste filter sets onto the cut transitions to add enhanced transition effects. I think this is a clever idea and I have bookmarked this thread to revisit later.


In this particular case, this will not work. The idea of my filter set is that the clips should change exactly on the 15th frame of the transition out of 30, which is exactly half (50%).

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@shotcut Sorry for my bad English. I agree with that, but setting the duration to 0 doesn’t create a transition.
The idea is to have a transition in which you can create or paste an effect. That’s what the cut transition at 50% does.
In the slideshow, the transition that can sometimes substitute for ‘Cut’ is ‘Bar Horizontal’ 50% or ‘Matrix Waterfall Vertical’, but it’s not really like ‘Cut’.
Quick sample:

Thank you. That looks great. I hope that you do more. I’m always seeing transitions on TV/Youtube that we don’t have. It’s great to see a modern one.

There’s a lot of bad English in Shotcut so don’t worry that much.

I know negative comments aren’t well received but in other products these transitions are often called “Pre-Compositions” and not “Filter Sets”. That’s because they are a mini composition of different Filters and Effects that you can save and move about and apply where you like.

Also, a “Filter Set” is really better worded as a “Filter Sequence” because the word ‘set’ doesn’t imply any particular order or that any particular operation is apparent and is therefore ambiguous. For example, a set might be sorted a completely different way before it is used, such as alphabetically or in time-date order.

A ‘sequence’ implies that the instructions are applied in the order of the list.

It’s nice to have this “Filter Set” and I will certainly use it and wait for more like it.


This is implemented for the next release (23.07)


Oh, wow! Thanks @brian