How to make multiple edits, then reassemble into one new clip and save?

First- sincere apologies if i was too dumb to recognize this topic as previously answered!
I’m not getting very far with Shotcut- its posted tutorials, and ones on YouTube don’t seem to advise on how to cut chunks out of a source video, like a movie, then butt them together, and save as a new clip.
Making single cuts and saving result is easy- everything more is a big mystery to me. Lack of manual doesn’t help.

PS: all the tutorials i see seem to be for earlier versions of Shotcut- they all describe, in detail, how one first sees “New Project” forms, and how to work thru them. Not in my universe! Not only do i not see any of that, but New Project menu entry is inert. Huh?

What tutorials have you seen? Did you watch the ones on the Tutorials page on this website? Because what you are asking for is extremely basic. You split clips, delete the sections you don’t want and close the gaps. Then you just go to the Export menu and export the project.

Are you sure you are even using Shotcut and not another video editor?

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You might not actually be using Shotcut. There is and never was a menu item named “New Project.” There is only a form view with a Start button. In the main menu bar, choose Help > About Shotcut and report the version number you see.

I hope i don’t sound rude but to suggest that i might not be using Shotcut is just a tad unlikely! Yes of course it’s Shotcut. The program installer said Shotcut, the icon says Shotcut and the apps splash screen/main menu says Shotcut. What (!!!) else could it possibly be???
I can save a single edit fine. Piece of cake: click i to establish Start, click o to fix end point, go to Save, Save, and quit. Easy peasy. But after edit process (i. o) the original clip disappears, so i can’t go back to cut out a second segment from it.
Frustrated guy

PS apologies for delay but i only get to internet once a week or so.

Another video editor called OpenShot. Several people have posted OpenShot questions in this forum not realizing they were using a different program because the names were so similar. So we have to verify whenever the names of user interface elements don’t line up.

It sounds like you are doing everything in the “source player” and not using the “timeline”.

Open your video. Drag it to the timeline, spilt the clip where you want to delete footage and delete the redundant clip. Then repeat. If you have “ripple track” switched on the tracks will realign themselves as you delete.

Se here for a useful beginner’s tutorial:

@Elusien - thanks for the tutorial shout out brother!

Thanks to all for suggestions- haven’t had chance to try them yet so will get back later.
For now- just wanted to say that everybody seems to have missed simple explanation for my inert “New Project”- I (doh!) was using 2016 version of Shotcut. Now i’m using proper new version, that problem gone.
I will try new tutorial and hope it’s better than others. I’m not saying i’m an ideal learner but i do notice that many tutorial writers often omit critical details. For instance- you won’t make it too far in editing if you don’t know about the lower left corner “Add Clip” plus button. I think this omission flaw is just because experienced users/tutorial writers are just too close to their subject matter to even notice such details. And the details mindset is a hard one to lock into.
The famous pianst Glenn Gould said his unique playing wasn’t due to genius, - but simply to noticing and playing (finer) details.
Anyway- more to come, and thanks

Sorry for delay, but, again, my local ISP prices are far too high to justify home connection.

I followed advice of that beginners tutorial writer (2021), to no avail.
At the 2 minute mark the tutorial actually starts, advises to open Windows Explorer and drag any video clip to timeline.
My problem: it doesn’t drag. My only difference is that i’m using Windows 7, not 10.
All other apps are working fine and i think that, tho I’m sure most of you are thinking i’m some sort of idiot (the error behind the keyboard), it’s kind of hard to misinterpret the above drag clip to timeline instruction!
Unless somebody can provide a solution, i’m giving up on Shotcut.
Thanks for all attempts to help thus far…


There are multiple ways of getting a video clip into the timeline. The following video shows 3, including dragging from Windows explorer.


First off- thank you very much for taking the trouble to try to help me. Unfortunately, i’ve made no progress since then.
Your short video clip was silent and fuzzy- utterly useless. Sorry, but true.
My problem was never primarily getting a a clip into timeline (tho that process remains buggy)- it was always that, after excising a segment from an original clip, i could/can never return to original clip to snip out a second segment, place it next to my first segment, and save both as a new single clip. After i move my first segment onto timeline, the original clip disappears (from top preview window), so i can’t find and then tag and then move to timeline, a second segment. So, pathetically, i’m limited to making single cuts. But i can do that in VLC- why futz around with Shotcut??
I’m sure that Shotcut is the best of a bad lot but … come on- this is a very simple operation and the fact that i can’t find any simple formula to accomplish such a simple basic editing task doesn’t speak well of Shotcut’s documentation…

My earlier post was in response to your statement:

If you make the video full-screen you’ll see there are 3 ways described on how to get a video clip onto the timeline.

As I said in another earlier response, it looks like you are doing the first edit in the source player (preview window) and for what you want to accomplish this is not the correct way to do it.

You need to put your original clip on a video track in the timeline and do the cutting and repositioning there.

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