Shotcut Tutorial 2021!

Hi everyone!
Here is a “Shotcut Tutorial 2021” I just published on YouTube yesterday, 01-18-21, using the current version of the software, and covering a full tutorial (video editing, transitions, text, shapes & colors, effects, green screen, keyframes…). A user (BungurTube) kindly commented “Great tutorial - you must share it to shotcut forum”. Thanks! So here goes…my first post, let see if pasting the video web address works…


Welcome @lukemchale!

Great tutorial! :grinning: I came across your previous tutorial on green screen which I thought was really good so I shared it here on the forum last year:

Your tutorials are very detailed and thorough while still being easily understood. Fantastic work!

There’s only two points in your latest video that I would add to. First, is when you were talking about snapping you recommended to always keep it on. However there are actually use cases where you would want to turn it off. For example there are times when you want to move a clip in a very precise spot but because the clips and/or the playhead is in the way the clip will keep moving past the spot you want. Turning off snapping would allow you to place it in that exact spot.

Second is when you started the Audio section you said you were going to turn off some tracks so that you can avoid lag. Do you know about Preview Scaling? Preview Scaling makes it easier to process the filters so that it avoids lag. You can find it by going Settings>Preview Scaling. You might’ve been able to play that whole timeline with a lot less lag without turning any tracks off by just using preview scaling.

Then there is also Proxy which can be found right under Preview Scaling at Settings>Proxy. Our forum member @bentacular made a tutorial on it:

Using both at the same time reduces lag tremendously and maybe even all lag without having to deactivate any tracks. Just recently someone posted about their great experience using Preview Scaling along with Proxy.

If you weren’t aware of either I highly recommend you add it to your workflow.

Again, you do great work on your tutorials! Feel free to post more of your work here on the forum! I enjoy them! :+1:


Wow, @DRM, thank you! What a detailed and helpful response! And appreciate you previously sharing my green screen video too. Regarding the two points you mentioned. Point one - valid point. Point two - I didn’t know about preview scaling or proxy files. I use multiple video tracks and green screen in most of my projects, so the live playback always has a lot of lag. This is a great heads up - I will check out preview scaling, and I will watch the proxy files tutorial, to learn more. Thanks again! :grin::call_me_hand:

This is very impressive. Anyone new to Shotcut should watch this video. They’ll learn everything they need to start on the right foot.
:+1: :+1: :+1:

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I think you have a great gift for instruction with tutorials.
This was one of the most clear, easy to understand, and enjoyable
tutorials I’ve ever seen, and heard.
Thank you so much for sharing that!
I bookmark it for reference.
And I will certainly refer any others to it who are interested in Shotcut.

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@MusicalBox - thank you brother! :pray::grin:

@frew - really appreciate it my friend, thank you! :grin:


Excellent tutoriel, clair precis, explicite, dommage qu’il ne soit pas en Français.
Merci de votre généreux partage.

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@Epsilon85, merci beaucoup pour votre aimable commentaire. Je me demande si le sous-titrage codé est disponible en français? Merci encore mon ami! :grin:

Great job… :+1:
Subtitles can be automatically translated within the video. Great.


@ejmillan Very cool!

I am most appreciative of the tutorials although they are no subsitute for a comprehensive user manual detailing funcions feature by feature.
Could I request that those who are makiing video tutorials enlarge the mouse pointer and give it a bright colour so that we may follow your actions more easily.
A big thank you to you all.


The next version improves the multi-threaded performance of chroma key, key spill, and track compositing!


@DukeOfMearns - that’s a great suggestion, will do.

@shotcut Oh yeah - looking forward to the roll out of the next release! :grin::call_me_hand:

hello, thank you for this work but I come back to you to ask you: how to remove the background of a video and replace it with another one or an image.
I use google to translate because I don’t speak English. (lo)
thank you and thank you google

See my reply to your other post.

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Hi tamara65 - I see that Elusien replied on a separate thread. Like he said, recording in front of a green screen, and then using the chromakey filter (to remove the green color) is how you change the background. :grin:

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Hello, thank you for your answer, I tested this trick but I have a background of the video which is not green.
The problem is that it’s not really chatting … my videos are recycling videos … but here with this video it’s blocking … please give me another free tip online.
best regards